We are one of the leading accounting department in China, aiming to cultivate world-class accounting talents, and move forward the boundaries of accounting research and practices. To accomplish our mission and fulfill our social responsibility, we collaborate closely with various groups of decision makers, especiallyregulators and enterprises, providing insights in their decision-making process.

We offer academic programs at three levels: undergraduate in accountancy and financial management, master in professional accountancy (MPAcc), and Ph.D. and post-doc in accounting. Our students perform outstandingly well in various dimensions.

Our research focuses on three areas: financial accounting and capital markets, management accounting and internal control, corporate finance. To constantly maintain awareness of research frontier and improve teaching effectiveness, we endeavor to create opportunities for our faculties and students tocommunicate with world-famous scholars from top-tier universities around the world.

Academic Programs:

Undergraduate Programs

Undergraduate in Accountancy.We provide students with not only rigorous training in economics, accounting and finance, but also various opportunities to develop the ability to adapt to a rapidly-changing world. Most of our graduates launch their careers in financial institutions or accounting firms.

Undergraduate in Financial Management.Compared to the training for undergraduates in accounting, our training for students in financial management focuses more on corporate finance and contemporary financial markets. The graduates mostly start their careers in financial institutions or the finance departments at world-famous enterprises.


Master Programs

Master in Accountancy.We provide students with solid training in economics, accounting, financial management and business administration. Students are expected to develop a comprehensive knowledge system and be able to apply their knowledge to analyze and solve real-world issues. After graduation, students are expected to pursue an academic career or opportunities to become professionals in accounting.

Specialties for Master in Accountancy

Financial Accounting and Capital Markets:fundamental theories in financial accounting, how accounting information is produced and used by market participants, and more broad topics relating to financial accounting and capital markets.

Management Accounting and Control:fundamental theories in management accounting, internal control system for enterprises, performance evaluation and etc.

Auditing and Internal Control:fundamental theories in auditing, audit system, audit technics, audit risk evaluations and audit regulations.

Corporate Finance Theory and Policies:fundamental theories in corporate finance, such as theories relating to corporate capital structures and cost of capital, IPO and SEO financing, M&A, and dividend policies.

Master in Professional Accountancy (MPAcc).MPAcc graduates are expected to become financial experts and innovative leaders. Courses for MPAcc students are well designed to cultivate students’ global vision, professionalism and ability to apply advanced information technologies.

Specialty for MBA students: Accounting and Financial Management.We provide solid training to help students accumulate solid knowledge in accounting and financial management, and develop the ability to apply their knowledge to analyze and solve real-world issues. Core courses include: Financial Statements Analysis, Cost Management, Control and Auditing, International Financial Reporting, Advanced Financial Accounting, Advanced Management Accounting, Advanced Financial Management, Mergers & Acquisitions, Valuation and etc.

Ph.D. in Accountancy

Our doctoral students in accountancy are expected todevelop solid knowledge in accounting theories, and are able to conduct academic research and fulfill teaching responsibilities independently. There are three specialties for doctoral students.

Financial Accounting and Capital Markets.Students are expected to focus on financial reporting theories, the role of accounting information in capital markets, international accounting and economics consequences of accounting standards. More specifically, students are expected to develop a thorough understanding in: (1) the role of financial accounting from the perspective of users of accounting information; (2) the role of accounting information in capital markets; (3) how to improve financial reporting system and accounting standards in order to better satisfy the users’ information needs; (4) the interaction between financial accounting and corporate finance, such as how accounting information affect corporate finance decisions (e.g., capital structure decisions), and vise versa. Research in this area is expected to improve financial reporting system and accounting standards, and enhance the efficiency of capital allocation.

Management Accounting and Control.Students are expected to: (1) have a thorough understanding in the impact of technology advancement on thetransformation of corporate operation and management, how the transformation shapes information provided by management accounting system, and how to improve management accounting system in order to provide decision makers’ with more relevant and reliable information; (2) conduct research on the merits and flaws of various control and audit systems in order to improve existing control and audit system. Research in this area is expected to further the boundaries of management accounting and corporate control system.

Corporate Finance Theories and Policies.Corporate finance research includes: corporate investment and finance decisions, corporate capital structure, payout policies, corporate governance and financial securities. Research in this area is closely related to research in many other disciplines, such as finance, economics and business administration. The research outcomes have facilitated practitioners’ decision making and improved efficiency in capital allocation.We encourage doctoral students todevelop not only a global vision, but also a keen interest in China studies.


Postdoctoral in Accountancy

Candidates for postdoctoral positions are required to hold doctoral degrees in related areas and work full-time. Candidates are expected to conduct research in financial accounting, management accounting, financial management or auditing. Teaching responsibilities may also be required. Upon successful fulfillment of all research and teaching responsibilities, postdoctoral researchers usually continue to work in universities or research institutions.

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