Alumni Associations

Alumni Associations

The Guanghua School of Management’s many alumni associations are jointly organized by alumni and current students.  These associations include regional alumni associations, industry alumni associations, and various special interest clubs.

The Guanghua School of Management Alumni Associations are the collaborative effort of the school’s alumni and enrolled students.  They range from regional associations to industry-specific associations as well as various special interest clubs, and have made sizable contributions to society in the fields of politics, business, academics, and media, among others.

The Guanghua School of Management’s many alumni organizations hold frequent forums, lectures, salons, and gatherings, strengthening alumni ties to the school, and serve as a platform for alumni to cooperate and share resources and experiences as well as a way to learn from each other.

Alumni Association Organizational Chart

Peking University Guanghua School of Management Alumni Association Contact:

Zhou Yue

Peking University MBA Alumni Associations

Zhang Jiao

Peking University MBA Art Resources Association

Lin Tianqiang

Peking University MBA Health Association

Zhang Haisheng

Peking University MBA Human Resources Association

Liu Li

Peking University MBA Rescue Service Team

Tian Yang

Peking University MBA Entrepreneurship and Investment Association

Chen Hong

Peking University MBA Non-profit Association

Zhu Lei

Peking University MBA Basketball Club

Liu Shenqiang

Peking University MBA Golf Club

Zhang Xuemin

Peking University MBA Tennis Club

Wang Jiuping

Guanghua EMBA Alumni Associations

Gao Yang

Guanghua EMBA Finance Association

Nie Yanjun

Guanghua EMBA ICTAssociation

Yang Shengzhi

Guanghua EMBA Yacht Club

Fang Jiewan

Guanghua EMBA Tennis Club

Huang Zhiyong

Guanghua EMBA Walking Around China Club

Wang Wensheng

Guanghua EMBA Golf Club

Wang Xinqi

Guanghua EMBA Skiing Club

Chen Zhizhong

Guanghua EMBA Reading Club

Li Lan

Guanghua EMBA Outdoor Club

Wang Fubiao

Guanghua MPAcc Alumni Association
Guanghua ExEd Alumni Association
Guanghua Alumni Associations

Guanghua Automobile Association

Yang Hongze

Guanghua Real Estate Association

Zhang QingBo

Guanghua Wine Association

Zhu Dongfei

Guanghua Calligraphy and Painting Alumni Association

Zhang Li

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