With the background of China's booming economy, the development and training of future business stars require close cooperation between universities and enterprises to integrate practice into the academic process.

The academic and business exchanges between enterprises and universities not only drive industrial technologies and system innovation, but also bring good opportunities for graduates to develop their career.

We are looking forward to more outstanding enterprises who would like to cooperate with the Guanghua MBA Program, contributing to China’s education.

Jointly initiate integrated practicum programs

As an experiential curriculum, an integrated practicum program will form a project team of students, who will enter the enterprise to implement a specific business project under the guidance of instructors, suggest improvements and proposals, and submit a practice report to the enterprise and instructors. Each project is a real case designed by the enterprises based on their needs to solve actual business issues that currently exist. Scope of integrated practice programs will include: solutions of strategy, marketing, human resources, finance and etc. for the management of transformation enterprises; business plans for start-ups or growth-oriented enterprises to develop business.

Develop university-enterprise programs

The university-enterprise program is aimed at introducing practical knowledge and skills of enterprise executives into the classroom, providing the students with the most extensive management experience through the executives’ practical experience, to integrate theory with practice and realize effective and direct application of management knowledge.

Cooperate in subject research

Upholding the mission of create management knowledge, cultivate business leaders, and promote social progress, the Guanghua MBA Program is committed to solving real business issues through cutting-edge management research. Cooperation in subject research can quickly integrate professor research with real business issues- on the one hand, the professor may conduct targeted research based on business needs; on the other hand, the enterprise provides the professor with the latest business cases, thus achieve win-win.

Set up scholarships

Enterprises may set up enterprise scholarships in the Guanghua MBA Program to encourage high academic achievers while enhancing the influence on public welfare. Currently, the Guanghua MBA Program has set up Microsoft Guanghua Innovation Scholarship, Olympus Scholarship, Peking University GlaxoSmithKline Scholarship, Lingrui Scholarship, Lee and Li Scholarship, Li Yanhong Scholarship, Tokyo Mitsubishi Scholarship and May Fourth Scholarship.

Set up teaching awards

A first-class academic team is the key to the development of a business school. The Guanghua MBA Program encourages enterprises to set up teaching awards by means of title professor etc. to recognize the scholars’ outstanding contributions in the field of academic research, and further promote their academic progress.

Sponsor big events

The Guanghua MBA Program enjoys a high reputation in the society, especially in the business world. Annual big events are held and open to the public to spread management knowledge and demonstrate program charisma, such as MBA country-wide open classes, high-end forums and open lectures. Sponsorship towards these events not only provides much brand exposure during big MBA events, but will earn brand awareness from the Guanghua MBA Program focus groups for the sponsor as well.

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