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    speaker Dezhi (Denny) Yin, The University of South Florida time Monday, 20 May, 13:30-15:00
    place Room 216, Guanghua Building 2

    Management Science and Information Systems' Seminar2019-11

    Title: Expressed Anger in Online Reviews: Unhelpful but Persuasive?
    Speaker:  Dezhi (Denny) Yin, The University of South Florida
    Time: Monday, 20 May, 13:30-15:00
    Location: Room 216, Guanghua Building 2
    The  expression of anger is very common in online reviews but has received  little prior attention. Building on the reverse appraisal model of  emotions, we propose that although expressions of anger in a negative  online review tend to decrease reader perceptions of review helpfulness,  the same expressions tend to increase the negative influence of the  review on reader attitudes and decisions. Results from multiple  laboratory experiments provide consistent support for our claims. By  challenging the assumption that reviews deemed more “helpful” by  consumers are ultimately more persuasive, our findings enhance current  understanding of the interpersonal effects of emotion in online  communication. They suggest important implications for the design of  online review platforms and for service providers, marketers, and  manufacturers faced with the task of managing online reviews.

    Dezhi  (Denny) Yin is an assistant professor in the Information Systems and  Decision Sciences Department at the University of South Florida. He  earned a PhD in IT management from the Georgia Institute of Technology,  and studied at Peking University and Shandong University. His research  interests include user-generated content (e.g. online reviews, social  media and crowdfunding), emotional expression in online communications  and cognitive biases in human-computer interaction. His research has  appeared in journals such as the MIS Quarterly, Information Systems  Research, Journal of Marketing Research, and Academy of Management  Journal. His “Anxious or Angry?” paper published in MIS Quarterly 2014  received the prestigious Emerald Citation of Excellence Award for 2017.  He also received the Outstanding Reviewer of the Year Award from MIS  Quarterly in 2018.
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