Organization and strategy management department (OSM) hasmorethan 20 full-time faculty members. OSM aimsto study and advance management knowledge especially under China context, and shares management knowledge with students of all ages and backgrounds.

We hold many programs, covering undergraduates, MBA, EMBA, Executive Education students. Our students can learn about methods in analyzing management problems, and work out the ways coping with strategy or leadership challenges, and build effective teams. Our courses are drawn from not only human wisdom or past academic findings, but also our own efforts through exploring the management practices under China context. In a word, we believe it is not just a job, but a career, to grow business leaders and students of all ages.

OSM department also has academic postgraduate programs. After learning the basic theories and research methods, these graduate students carry out research together with our faculty. We focus on specific management issues and aim to create management knowledge, contributing to the wisdom for all human beings. After graduating, our students usually work in universities, including the University of International Business and Economics, the Central University of Finance and Economics, Zhejiang University, Chongqing University, Sun Yat-Sen University, Southwest Illinois State University, London school of economics (LSE), Tilburg University and Hanyang University, etc.

Our research interests include strategic management, international business, innovation and entrepreneurship, organizational behavior, and human resources. And we take China specific backgrounds, cross-border operations and cross-culture issues into consideration.

OSM department has 21 full-time faculty members, including 10 professors, 7 associate professors and 4 assistant professors, meanwhile, we also have several visiting professors in our department.

Many of our researches have been published in high-level academic journals in management, economics and sociology disciplines both in English and Chinese. These top English journals includeAcademy of Management Journal,Administrative Science Quarterly,Organization Science,Journal of International Business Studies,Strategic Management Journal,Journal of Applied Psychology,Rand Journal of Economics,American Journal of Sociology. And the top Chinese journals includeManagement World(管理世界),Economic ResearchJournal(经济研究),Acta Psychologica Sinica(心理学报), etc. In addition, our researches are also presented as books and magazine articles, etc.

For details of our research and teaching, please visit the faculty's home page. For students who are interested in applying for our MBA, EMBA andExecutive Educationprograms, please contact corresponding offices. For students who are interested in academic program, please contact graduate office.

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