Faculty & Research


We are one of the leading accounting department in China, aiming to cultivate world-class accounting talents, and move forward the boundaries of accounting research and practices. To accomplish our mission and fulfill our social responsibility, we collaborate closely with various groups of decision makers, especiallyregulators and enterprises, providing insights in their decision-making process.

The Department of Business Statistics and Econometrics was established based on the previous “management statistics” and “econometrics” majors in the school, which was relatively early in business school in the mainland of China. With the school’s objective of pursuing a world-leading business school, the department conducted many pioneer but successful work. Education, research, and public services are identified as the main focus. The department is devoted to educate professionals for modern finance, marketing, government, education, and industrial management, etc. The objective is not only to build the department as one of most important research institutes both domestically and internationally, but also to make contributions to China’s statistics and econometrics development.

With innovative talent development patterns, capable professors and teaching accomplishment, exceptional and leading international level academic research results, Guanghua marketing is at the forefront of domestic marketing research and teaching institutions. We focus on nurturing top academic and management talents who have basic knowledge of management, economics, statistics, and psychology, systematic marketing theories and methods, prowess in quantitative analysis, and international vision.

Organization and strategy management department (OSM) hasmorethan 20 full-time faculty members. OSM aimsto study and advance management knowledge especially under China context, and shares management knowledge with students of all ages and backgrounds.

Since its inception, the Department of Applied Economics of Guanghua School of Management has been devoting itself to teaching and research with high starting point and high quality to disseminate and create economic knowledge for society. In the field of scientific research


The Finance Department at Guanghua School of Management of Peking University has inherited the time-honored liberal tradition of the University and extended the academic excellence into the discipline of finance. It conducts top level research in financial economics, creating and promoting knowledge for both the academia and the industry.

There are 12 teachers in the Department of management science and information system, of whom 4 are professors and 8 are associate professors. There are three main directions in our curriculum and research: management science, information system and supply chain management. Graduated from famous universities at home and abroad.