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  • China's Economic Outlook for 2021 according to Guanghua

    This article is based on a Chinese-language report on China's economy in 2021 from the macroeconomy research team under the Thought Leadership project of Peking University's Guanghua School of Management. It was jointly penned by Liu Qiao,Dean of Guanghua and Yan Se,associated professor of applied economics with Guanghua.

    Jan 14, 2021

  • Dean Liu Qiao analyzed five major trends of China’s current economic development

    “Once we’ve passed the stage of industrialization characterized by high-speed growth, how do we continue to maintain the growth rate of total factor productivity (TFP)? This is the biggest uncertainty that China's economic and social development faces at present.” In his keynote speech at the 22nd Guanghua New Year Forum, Professor Liu Qiao, Dean of Guanghua School of Management analyzed the five major trends of China's current economic development, stating that these five trends will largely determine the future demand of the Chinese economy, hence driving the changes in its industrial structure.

    Jan 11, 2021

  • Professor Chen Yuyu: Reflecting on the growth of Shenzhen and China from four aspects

    Recently, “Peking University Guanghua Greater Bay Area Development Forum” was held in Shenzhen, where Professor Chen Yuyu, Director of the Institute of Economic Policy and Professor of Applied Economics at Guanghua School of Management of Peking University delivered a keynote speech. In his speech, he analyzed the growth of Shenzhen and China from four aspects, and also talked about the future development of Greater Bay Area and even the global economy.

    Jan 4, 2021

  • Made-In-China on the Spotlight

    For a long time, import goods are seen as more superior options than domestic goods in China. Despite this, Made-in-China products had surprised the market with their outstanding performance in the 2020 Double 11 Shopping Festival, reflecting a rise of Made-in-China products.

    Dec 25, 2020

  • Is organic food a viable business in China?

    With the improvement of living standards, people have become increasingly sensitive to food safety. As such, organic food is increasingly sought after by the market. Through this case, “How to Explore the Market of Organic Products in China? Organic and Beyond Corporation (OABC)’s Way Forward”, written by Professor Yichi Zhang and Mr. Xiaolong Wang of Guanghua

    Dec 4, 2020

  • Fostering the internal and external opening of the economy under the new development pattern of dual circulation

    Professor Tang Yao explains China’s new “dual circulation” strategy introduced as part of the 14th Five Year Plan, pointing out the complementary relationship between internal and external circulation. He also touches on the need to stress the decisive role of the market in allocating resources, as well as the need to better integrate the roles of the domestic and international markets.

    Nov 13, 2020

  • [Focusing on the "14th Five-Year Plan"] Promoting the construction of rental housing as the core reform measure under the new developmental framework

    On November 3rd, the full text of “Proposal of the Central Committee of the Communist Party of China on Formulating the Fourteenth Five-Year Plan for National Economic and Social Development and the Long-Range Objectives Through the Year 2035”, reviewed and approved at the Fifth Plenary Session of the 19th CPC Central Committee, was released. The proposal, which charts the course of China’s ...

    Nov 10, 2020

  • What’s Next for China’s Digital Currency?

    Prof. Wang Zhicheng points out its benefit for security and anti-money laundering but stresses that technology is only a means and the essence of a currency remains a solid foundation of consensus.

    Nov 6, 2020

  • Dean Liu Qiao Interprets China’s Development Roadmap

    Dean Liu Qiao transcribes signals from a key CPC meeting on the direction of the Chinese economy in the coming years while pointing out key issues that should be addressed with further reforms.

    Nov 2, 2020

  • Guanghua Report: Ideal Leverage Ratio for China’s REITs

    Guanghua’s research team compares China’s REITs to their overseas counterparts and explains its leverage ratio limit with respect to the fledgling market’s unique features.

    Oct 30, 2020

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