CEO Forum

CEOs from various industries will be invited to Guanghua to give speeches on hot topics every year. Audience will be Guanghua students and alumni. The CEO Forum is one of the most influential activities on Guanghua campus. By taking part in the CEO Forum, your organization can gain substantial publicity in Guanghua community.

Job Postings

Recruiters can directly post job positions on CDC website which all Guanghua students have access to.

Job Fairs

You can increase your organization’s profile and meet hundreds of Guanghua students with various academic backgrounds, skills and work experiences at Guanghua Spring/Fall Job Fairs.

Information Sessions

Holding information sessions on campus is one of the most effective ways for you to enhance the image of your organization among Guanghua student body as well as attract potential candidates.

Summer/In-term Internships

By offering internship placements to Guanghua students, you can give them the opportunity to gain professional experience and industry knowledge outside the classroom. At the same time, you can promote your corporate culture among our students and let them discover your business environment firsthand.

Company Visits

Company visit is one of the best ways for you to present your company and attract qualified candidates. Students will have a real taste of the organization culture and business operations. Company visits can be arranged any time during the year.

IndustryWeek Event

IndustryWeek is one of the biggest annual events organized by CDC which lasts for about two months from March to May. The main objective of this event is to help promote recruiter images, liaison communication between recruiters and our students, as well as further cooperation between Guanghua and the business community. You can participate in various activities of the annual IndustryWeek Event, including Industry Insight Talks, Skill-set Workshops, Panel Discussions, Mock Interviews, and Campus Competitions. Please click here to more details.

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