CDC Rules and Regulations

lCDC at Guanghua School of Management requires students who are engaged in a career or job search to conduct themselves in an ethical manner reflecting the policies and explanations put forth by Peking University in its student handbook. Please refer to the section below carefully for policies and procedures for an ethical job search.

1. Regarding CDC Activities

lCommitments and obligations related to attending CDC activities:


· Students are expected to honor all scheduled counseling appointment by being on time and prepared. Students more than 15 minutes late for an appointment, and who have not notified CDC, will be asked to reschedule.

· If a student cannot make a scheduled appointment, he or she is required to notify CDC 24 hours in advance.

· Students who are late or miss two appointments in a row will not be permitted to schedule a counseling appointment for 30 days.

Mock Interviews:

· Students should honor mock interview commitments by being on time, prepared, and professional in their actions.

· Cancelling a mock interview appointment must be done 24 hours prior to the scheduled time by calling or emailing CDC. This allows CDC to fill the mock interview slot with another student.

Activities and Events

· If a student has registered for a certain event/activity organized by CDC, CDC expects the student to honor these commitments by being prepared, professional, and on-time.

· If a student cannot attend the event/activity, he or she should notify CDC in advance. Notice of cancelation must be received in writing by email least 24 hours before the event/activity.

2. Regarding Recruitment Process

Commitments and obligations related to recruitment process include:

· Provide accurate information on a resume and in answers to interview questions regarding academic background, GPA, work history, activities, and other qualifications.

· Apply for interviews only when genuinely interested in the company and the position.

· Meet all online application deadlines for submitting resumes and obtaining interview times.

· Conduct extensive research about yourself, the industry, the company, and the position prior to your interviews.

· Attend all information sessions organized by employers as long as your schedule permits.

· Dress and conduct oneself in a professional manner befitting a Guanghua student.

3. Regarding Recruitment Process and Acceptance of Offers

When accepting an offer of full-time employment or an internship (either paid or unpaid), one must have every intention of honoring that commitment. If a student accepts an offer of employment, he or she must withdraw from the recruiting process immediately. This includes but is not limited to:

· Not applying to future job postings

· Declining all future interview invitations

· Cancelling any active applications

· Contacting all recruiters to inform them of your wish to be removed from the interviews and recruitment process (that includes all scheduled interviews)

According to Guanghua’s recruiting polities, recruiters cannot require students to accept an offer until a written confirmation (e.g. mailed letter, fax or e-mail) is received. Students should protect their rights by insisting on a written offer of employment and carefully reviewing all the terms and conditions of the agreement before taking the offer.

Importance Notice

It is considered as a huge violation to Guanghua recruiting and employment policy to renege on job offers after signing the official bilateral contract or trilateral contracts. This behavior has a deleterious effect on both the reputation of the students and the reputation of Guanghua School of Management. CDC takes this issue very seriously and will take action on students who renege on job offers. We encourage students to think through the associated commitments and consequences before signing the contracts.

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