speaker Zhi Wang,Fudan University time Oct. 13,Tuesday.13:00p.m.- 14:30p.m. Beijing Time
place Room 217, Guanghua Building 2

Economics Seminar (2020-14)

Topic: Spatial Structure of Peer Network and Academic Achievements

Speaker: Zhi Wang,Fudan University

Time: Oct. 13,Tuesday.13:00p.m.- 14:30p.m. Beijing Time

Location: Room 217, Guanghua Building 2


This paper investigates how the spatial layout of a peer network affects academic performance using a field experiment conducted in a Chinese high school. In each classroom, students are sorted into study groups with balanced academic and gender compositions in the beginning of a semester. Each group contains six students sitting in two rows of three. In the treated groups, the top two students ranked by previous test scores are assigned to sit in the middle of each row. We find that the treatment effect is heterogeneous. It benefits the bottom two students but harms the middle two students. The negative effect to the two middle-score students, however, disappears when they are sitting on the same side. Our results suggest that the spatial layout of a group can have a significant impact on learning outcomes.


王之,美国布朗大学经济学博士,复旦大学经济学院副教授,上海国际金融与经济研究院研究员。她的论文主要是城市与区域经济学领域的应用微观研究,主要关注聚集经济的微观证据、城市土地开发空间模式的决定因素和福利影响、土地利用规制的执行和经济影响、环境政策对企业产能空间分布的影响、教育资源空间分布的决定因素和经济影响、我国工业土地市场的改革和发展等问题。她的研究成果发表于Review of Economics and Statistics, Journal of Urban Economics, Journal of Environmental Economics and Management, Journal of Housing Economics。她现为Regional Science and Urban Economics的副编辑。如需获知更多信息,请关注她的个人主页:

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