speaker Lukas Hensel time Nov. 10,Tuesday.13:00p.m.- 14:30p.m. Beijing Time
place Room 217, Guanghua Building 2

Economics Seminar (2020-17)

Topic: Political Activists as Free-Riders: Evidence from a Natural Field Experiment

Speaker: Lukas Hensel

Time: Nov. 10,Tuesday.13:00p.m.- 14:30p.m. Beijing Time

Location: Room 217, Guanghua Building 2


How does a citizen's decision to participate in political activism depend on the participation of others? We conduct a nation-wide natural field experiment in collaboration with a major European party during a recent national election. In a seemingly unrelated survey, we randomly provide canvassers with true information about the canvassing intentions of their peers. When learning that more peers participate in canvassing than previously believed, canvassers significantly reduce both their canvassing intentions and behavior as measured through a smartphone application. Treatment effects are larger for supporters with weaker social ties to the party and for supporters with higher career concerns within the party.


Lukas Hensel’s primary research interests are: Development Economics; Labor Economics; and Political Economy. More information:

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