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Living in Beijing

I cannot speak Chinese, how to tell the taxi driver if I am going to the Peking University?

Please show “北京大学” to the taxi driver.
If you choose other transport, please read our arrival guide, Beijing subway map and Peking University main campus map.

How much is the taxi rate from the airport to Peking University?
It is around RMB150-200.

Which gate is close to the Guanghua School of Management Building #2 where I have the orientation session?
North-east gate of Peking University.

Which gate is close to the International Students Division of the Peking University where I have the registration?
North-east gate of Peking University.


When is the orientation?
For Fall Semester 2020, registration and orientation is on September 2, 2020 (subject to change).

What is the purpose of orientation?
Orientation is designed to provide you with the necessary information of study and living in Beijing, and to help you foster connections with other exchange students.

Do I have to attend the orientation?
Yes! All incoming exchange students are required to attend the orientation.

Is there a charge?
No, it is a free charge event.


How to register?

Students who hold international passport should go to the PKU International Students Division, then to the Office of International Relations at the Guanghua School of Management (Guanghua Building #2) to finish registration.

Students who hold Hong Kong, Taiwan, Macao or Mainland China passport just register at the
Guanghua School of Management (Guanghua Building #2).

Refer to the email on “Registration and Orientation” which will be sent one month before semester starts.

What should I bring for registration?
Passport with valid X2/L visa
Peking University acceptance letter
Guanghua School of Management acceptance letter. Two passport-sized photo (to make you ID booklet)

Am I mandatory to buy the insurance in the Peking University? How much is it?

Those who hold the International passports are required to buy insurance online or when you register in the Peking University International Students Division. Details please see the Medical Insurance Information Form in your acceptance package.The insurance is RMB 400 for one semester, or 800 for one academic year (subject to change).

Those who hold the Hong Kong, Taiwan, Macao or Mainland China ID need to buy the insurance yourself. The insurance are required to cover at least accidental injuries. It will be great if your insurance can cover illness, lost or damaged baggage and medical or certain other causes during your stay in China.

How to do physical examination and blood test?

Those who stay in Guanghua for less than 6 months (one semester exchange) do not need to take physical examination and blood test. Those who exchange for one year, please follow the instruction of the International Students Division (ISD). You may inquiry when you come to register at ISD. You can do it in your home country. ISD recognizes official reports.

How to get the Campus Card?

The officer in the International Students Division will give you instruction. After registration, you will get a schedule. Follow the timeline. Campus Card allows you to use the libruary (with RMB 500 deposit), and canteens.


How to apply for the student visa?

Students who are not Chinese citizens need to obtain a visa to enter China:

Step 1: Submit exchange application to the Guanghua School of Management, after officially nominated by your home university.
Step 2: When application approved and admission letters will be issued to you.
Step 3: Apply for an X1 or X2 visa in a local Chinese Embassy/Consulate, usually takes around 2 weeks.

What documents will Peking University offer to help my visa application?
The JW202 Visa Application Form
Acceptance letter of the Peking University
Acceptance letter of the Guanghua School of Management

Can I enter China with my Hong Kong/Taiwan/Macao ID?

Think carefully whether using your foreign ID to apply or using your Hong Kong/Taiwan/Macao ID. The admissions are different. If you use foreign ID, you have to get a visa. Otherwise we cannot register you in PKU.


When are the courses available on the website?
January for spring semester
July for fall semester

How can I select the courses?
Exchange students will register for courses online. The UG and MBA Program will send course registration information to you by email. Keep your email box available and check it regularly.

How many credits can I take at the Guanghua School of Management?
Guanghua offers 2-credit and 3-credit courses. You can take a maximum of 18 credits and a minimum of 4 credits per semester.

Does Guanghua provide the Chinese language courses?
Yes. “Business Chinese” is open to all international students for free.

When the exam will be finished?
Undergraduates - Exams for courses conducted in English are normally completed before Christmas in fall semester and before the end of June for spring semester.

MBA - For fall semester, most English taught MBA courses will be completed by Dec. 24, while a few of them will still be completed by mid-January. For spring semester, most exams will be completed before the end of June and some in May.

Courses taught in Chinese will be completed at a later time in each semester.

When shall I expect the transcript?

Transcripts for fall semester will be issued at the end of February. For spring semester, in September. The Guanghua International Relations Office is responsible to issue the official transcripts.


Does Peking University provide on-campus accommodation to the exchange students?
On-campus accommodation is currently NOT available due to the overwhelming demand. Our exchange students will arrange their own accommodations outside.

How can I find the accommodation off-campus?
The Office of International Relations will offer necessary information. This information will be emailed to you one month before semester starts.

How much is the housing rates if I live off-campus?
Range of Off-campus housing rates: US$400 – 800 for one single room in a two-bedroom /
three-bedroom apartments per month.


Are there any banks and ATMs on-campus?
Yes. There are the Industrial and Commercial Bank of China and Agricultural Bank of China on campus. They all have the ATMs.

Can I open a bank account?
Yes. Please bring your passport, acceptance letters to apply.


Can I have a Peking University email account?
Yes. Follow the orientation instruction.

Is wireless internet available?


Is there a student association?

Yes. We have a buddy program in GISA (Guanghua International Students Association) where students from similar programs are matched with incoming exchange students during their study at our school. The buddy serves as a resource and guide for the exchange student.GISA can be contacted at

Can I get any career services during my exchange period at Guanghua?

Yes. A number of career management resources will be available to exchange students during their stay. These include access to all Guanghua open corporate presentations, employer contact database listings, job postings, and on-campus job descriptions. Additional services include appointments with staff members/career advisors and optional participation in career service seminars. Career Development Centre locates in Room 108 in Guanghua School. The website can be visited at

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