Outgoing Exchange

Precautionary notes

1.Can I amend my online application form and reupload application materials?

    The deadline for online applications for academic year 2022-2023 is February 25 2022 at 9am (Beijing Time). After the deadline, the online application portal will be closed, no changes or additions allowed. Please take at least 20 minutes to complete the application form if all documents are prepared, so please leave sufficient time to complete the form carefully. We also recommend that you submit your application in advance to take into account the instability of the internet.

2.Reminders for exchange programs?

    Make sure: participate in Pre-departure orientation, abide by the local laws and regulations, and maintain communication with teachers and parents.

3.What is the format of the exchange?

    Due to evolving pandemic, the host institution may change their teaching formats (e.g., in-person to remote, blended learning or cancellation of the exchange).>

4.Is it possible to exchange the host institution with other students after the selection?

    It is not permitted.

5.Is it possible to cancel the exchange after nomination if there are special circumstances?

    Please consider carefully before applying for exchange. Once you sign the " , you are required to accept the terms from "Selection Plan for Exchange Students of Guanghua School of Management", and you are not allowed to withdraw, give up or replacing places without permission. Failure to the agreement will affect your qualification for other exchange programs.

    However, due to force majeure factors such as epidemic, we will approve the request based on the actual situation. Email your requests for cancellation to the Office of Global Affairs:exchangeoutbound@gsm.pku.edu.cn

    If you give up your exchange besides force majeure factors, you may not be eligible to reapply again during your study at PKU.

6.What documents do I need to submit when I return from exchange?

    Please contact the host institution for the transcript, and also need to submit an exchange report or a video in the exchange program portal.

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