Outgoing Exchange

Selecting the institutions

1. How do I best choose my host institutes?

    According to the rules of exchange selection: 

    Students choose the host university based on the ranking of their comprehensive score. Thus, the comprehensive score will determine which institutions you could select.

2. How should I choose my top to last host institutes' order?

    The selection process: we start with the student with the highest comprehensive score and go in order. For example, Student A ranks 5th, and his/her first choice is "School X Fall semester," which has no more spots open for exchange, but his/her second choice, "School X – Spring," still has spots available; Student B ranks the 6th, and his/her first choice is the same as Student A’s second choice. Student A should be selected as the second choice automatically. If there are spots available after selecting student A, student B will be selected from the pool. If student B isn’t selected to his/her first choice, we will look at B’s second choice. Therefore, you must carefully consider your preferred order of institutions while applying.

3. Can you explain the Spring and Fall term options?

    The number of placements of all host universities will be divided into spring and fall term seats. You can find the exact allocation on One Drive. Please be aware of when the document is updated, as there will be no specific notification of each update. Note: "XX Business School - Spring" and "XX Business School - fall" are two seats. While selecting, Spring exchange and Fall exchange of the same university are considered independently.

4. How do I choose the exchange semester?

    1. Depending on whether the host institution has special requirements for the semester.
    2. Learn your course selection requirements at Peking University.
    3. Consider in advance personal plans such as internships, job searches, and graduate school.

    4.Consider the graduation schedule.

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