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My name is José Lanzguerrero. I come from Mexico City, and speak fluent English and Spanish. During my MBA I decided to make an exchange to China, as I wanted to learn from the experience of living on a culture that differed from mine. I chose PKU because it was clear that it offered an excellent academic experience immersed on the traditional Chinese culture that I wanted to experience.

The first approach we had was from the International Office of the university, who from the beginning proved to be very helpful on our paperwork and admission process.

Upon arrival I saw one of the most beautiful campus I have ever been to, combining modern infrastructure with traditional Chinese architecture that make studying at PKU a very interesting experience. On this campus I lived many memories I am now very fond of.

Once in PKU, I found the exchange program is structured very holistically, covering social, cultural, and academic areas alike.

The first activity we had was a rally at campus, where I got to know the university, and where I met some of my travel buddies who are now very close friends of mine, and will be for life. After the rally, PKU organized some cultural trips for us, where we could share with our Chinese and international friends our views on the millenary culture we were being witness of.

Another of the activities that added value to my visit were the company visits, where I learned about the way of doing business in China. On them, I was able to compare the different challenges companies face on both countries, thus, enriching my business vision for Mexico as well.

Every year PKU organizes an International Fair where students from all over the world introduce their countries through food, music, dancing, and history. On this event I got to meet people from more than 50 countries, and interacted with them on a unique cultural experience.

These activities occurred on a very solid academic framework with two kinds of subjects:

–The first group were subjects that taught us about business and China, from many angles, like financial, economic, and even social.

–The second group were subjects that taught us technical aspects of business within an environment of leadership.

Another aspect of PKU that I value a lot is the international environment it has. On these environment I made great new friends from all around the world. Interacting with all of them proved very useful to get to know many different mindsets, as well as to approach the Chinese culture together. As a team we found ways to communicate, travel, and succeed even when most of us are not fluent Chinese speakers.

One of the most exciting things about my trip was traveling with my new friends. Together we experienced the wonderful Chinese culture, ranging from the beautiful natural landscapes at the wonderful mountains of Zhangjiajie, to the Terracotta Warriors at Xi’an, the Great Wall, and even Tibet, where we learned about Buddhism.

Both, during our stay and trips we enjoyed the world-renown Chinese food, finding new favorite flavors we will search for in our home countries, as well as adapting the custom of eating with chopsticks.

Together we lived China as a much-enjoyable challenge that helped us develop a more flexible view of the world, and overall develop problem-solving skills that will be our tools forevermore, both, in business, and in our personal lives overall.

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