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VARKEY, REENMARY SEBASTIANfromLondon School of Economics and Political Science

1.Why did you choose to be an exchange student in Guanghua School of Management of Peking University?

I chose to come to PKU because my school requires us to do a term abroad, and PKU seemed like the one that would be the biggest adventure. All of the other options were in the USA, where I am from originally, so it would not have been a true exchange for me. I am glad I picked PKU, it has definitely been quite the adventure.

2.What impresses you the most during the exchange at Guanghua School of Management?

What impressed me the most was how kind everyone was. Everyone was always ready to provide a helping hand and we were always treated so well by the local students.

3.What does the exchange experience mean to you? Or why do you go to an exchange program?

Technically, I was required to go on an exchange by my school, but even if I was not required I still would have done one. For me, an exchange is an opportunity for adventure, broadening horizons, and gaining a larger worldview. I was happy to study abroad twice during my undergrad experience, and during those exchange periods you really learn so much: you learn the material taught in the classroom, you learn about a new culture, and of course, you learn so much more about yourself.

4.Which course do you like most and why?

My favorite course I took was Entrepreneurial Management. Even though I was not very fond of the professors, I really enjoyed the students I was working with and what the course actually taught us.

5.How did you get along with your teachers and classmates?

I was able to really get along quite well with teachers and classmates. Everyone was quite friendly and I was happy to meet so many wonderful people!

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