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DE BRUIJN, MELVIN-University of Amsterdam

1.Why did you choose to be an exchange student in Guanghua School of Management of Peking University?

I wanted to experience something opposite than where I come from. Knowledge: I wanted to learn Chinese. Travel: Sightseeing in parts of Asia.

2.What impresses you the most during the exchange at Guanghua School of Management?

The freedom of the teachings. I thought talking about certain topics was forbidden, but it turns out that the teachers at beida get more freedom to talk about historical sensitive things. What also impressed me a lot is the modernization of certain parts in Beijing.

3.What does the exchange experience mean to you? Or why do you go to an exchange program?

I thought it added value to my CV. My exchange has been mostly about enjoying life in China and adding it to my list of personal experiences (learning to be independent for example).

4.Which course do you like most and why?

The Chinese language course because the teacher is very relaxed and because of our conversations in class. I also liked the course Doing Business in China because it gives a more in depth- and technical analysis of the economy in China.

5.How did you get along with your teachers and classmates?

The teachers are very open-minded and are willing to talk with you. Also, the students are willing to make contact with exchange students.

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