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Guanghua-Kellogg Executive MBA Scholarships

The Guanghua-Kellogg Executive MBA program offers scholarships to competitive candidates who demonstrate strong leadership skills and have made outstanding contributions to their organizations and the greater society. They involve various competitive selection criteria and are limited in number.

Applicants can apply for a scholarship after receiving an admission offer from the program. Scholarship applicants need to be primarily self-funded. Scholarship award amounts vary and are determined by the scholarship committee. In general, the scholarship applications will be assessed on:

- The quality of the application materials

- The quality of the scholarship essays

- The academic and professional achievements of the candidates

- The expected contribution to the class and the program

- The quality of the applicants’ admissions interview

Applicants can apply for only one of the following scholarships:

(1) Merit-based Scholarship

This scholarship is awarded to candidates with exceptional academic backgrounds and promising potential who have made outstanding economic or social contributions in their respective countries.

(2) Women Leaders in Business Scholarship

This scholarship is awarded to women in business leadership positions who have demonstrated significant accomplishments during their professional lives.

(3) Outstanding Leadership in Emerging Markets Scholarship

This scholarship is awarded to applicants from emerging markets and emerging industries who have demonstrated outstanding leadership throughout their careers.

(4) Non-profit Leadership Scholarship

This scholarship is awarded to applicants from NGOs who have demonstrated commitment to serving in the non-profit sector and have made major contributions to social progress.

The application form can be found here.


All scholarships are individual, non-deferrable awards and are contingent on the good academic standing of the recipient and their completion of the program. Scholarship recipients should serve as representatives and models of the program both inside and outside the school, demonstrate excellent personal qualities and excellent academic performance, complete their studies on time and actively participate in social activities. And they should take the responsibility of actively promoting the program in their respective regions and sectors, and contribute to the improvement of the reputation of the program and the diversity of students.

If the scholarship winner violates the rules and regulations of the school or even violates the laws of the country, the college has the right to cancel the scholarship and request the return of the awarded part.