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About Guanghua

Guanghua School of Management

The Guanghua School of Management was founded upon Peking University's rich legacy with the mission of advancing management knowledge, cultivating business leaders, and promoting social progress. From drafting securities laws to issuing white papers, the school has consistently and actively been involved in the process of China's economic reforms. Due to the tireless effort of over 100 faculty members, Guanghua has become one of the best business schools in the Asia-Pacific region.

Guanghua focuses on cultivating talent with a comprehensive selection of business education programs ranging from undergraduate, postgraduate, MBA, EMBA to DBA degrees. In collaboration with 120 business schools around the globe, Guanghua offers the best platform to nurture individuals with both local knowledge and global perspectives.

With the aim of long-term development, Guanghua is committed to equipping current and future business leaders with a strong sense of business ethics and social responsibility.


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Peking University

Peking University is a unique and world-class institution of higher education. With over 100 years of history, Peking University has played an integral and indispensable role in China's development and rejuvenation, and it has been the vanguard for China’s modernization.

As the first national modern university in China, the spirit of independence and freedom of thought have been important guiding principles throughout Peking University's history. Today, it is a thriving center of creative learning with leading academics covering a large number of fields and cultivating the next generation of talent.

Today, Peking University is not only at the frontier of learning and scientific research, but also a bridge for international exchange with the rest of the world. It will continue to influence and advance the process of cultural education and social development in China and the rest of the world.


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