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Why Guanghua-Kellogg EMBA

To succeed in today's market place, you need a global perspective that can be developed with the RIGHT ACCESS, CONNECTIONS AND EXPERIENCE. Here are some of the benefits of joining the Guanghua-Kellogg Executive MBA program.

Global Leadership with China Expertise

The Guanghua-Kellogg EMBA program is the first Sino-US joint EMBA program in Mainland China, bringing together the world-class faculties of two premier business schools and featuring a rigorous and cutting-edge curriculum. The program will prepare you with integrated management skills, Chinese business expertise, and a global perspective to lead your organizations in a dynamic environment.

Global Electives with Local Insight

As part of the GK EMBA program, you will have the opportunity to complete a global elective at partner schools of Kellogg's global network encompassing five campuses around the world (Schulich at York University in Canada; Hong Kong University of Science and Technology; WHU at Vallendar in Germany and Kellogg's Chicago and Miami campuses). During the elective, you will gain rare insights into local business practices, as well as diverse cultures and political systems.

Global Network with Elite Peers

As a GK EMBA student, you will have access to Kellogg's EMBA global network that spans 113 countries and 6 continents, connecting more than 70,000 alumni. This immersive network will offer you the opportunities to engage in collaborations with peer leaders across the globe.