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GK Stories | 2022 Women's Day: The Silent Power of Women

March 8, 2022

Coupling strength with gentleness, women embody water. Female leadership has its unique charm and brings advantages in the workplace. Many women today are active on the world stage, and labels such as "Attractive", "Educated" and "Strong woman" are not enough to describe them accurately. On Women's Day, we release the profiles of female students and alumni enrolled in the Guanghua-Kellogg Executive MBA program for the first time. We interviewed five representatives and listened to what "She said."

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Sharon CHEN

Chief Investment Officer


GK06, Class of 2021

Management Style:

Cool-headed, comprehensive and result oriented.

Role Model:

I've met a number of leaders and partners in my career, both male and female, they all have qualities that combine to form an image that I aspire to emulate. These qualities include broad perspective, youthful honesty, steadfast purpose, penetrating insight, and affinity for happiness. I use these points to remind myself whenever I encounter a difficult problem and struggle to help me make a judgment and choice.

Her message:

Be more confident, be more courageous, take chances, accept responsibilities, accept honors, and don't be too self-critical. Age is a treasure. Keep growing and don't be afraid of getting old.


Grace KWOK

Investment & Strategy VP

TINAVI Medical Technologies Co. Ltd.

GK04, Class of 2019

Management Style:

Putting people first, respecting and encouraging opposing views and individuals, and honest communication.

Role Model:

Angelina Jolie is an American actress and special envoy of the United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees. The experience of growing up in an environment lacking love and warmth contributed to her aloof, rebellious, and sensitive character. She endows the roles she plays with life and has become a classic actress in film history. With a strong and kind heart beating underneath her stunning beauty and with three of her six children being adopted, she urged world leaders to work together to solve the refugee problem and strengthen the protection of women. Angelina Jolie is the epitome of the woman of our generation: elegant, strong, career-driven and loving.

Her message:

Be curious and competitive. Commit to what you do and never give up.


Yihan MA

General Counsel and VP

Perfect World Co., Ltd.

GK05, Class of 2020

Management Style:

Bold, innovative, and empowering others.

Role Model:

Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg of the United States Supreme Court, one of the most famous justices in its history, is a model for women to bravely overcome personal boundaries. She had a strong will, was extremely disciplined and diligent, and confronted injustice with wisdom and courage and actively fought for the rights of women and vulnerable groups. She took the lead in safeguarding equal rights and legal justice, promoted the reform of equal rights through successive historic judgments, made brilliant contributions in a field originally dominated by men, and profoundly influenced social progress and development.

Her Message:

To develop into mature, independent women and lead fulfilling lives, women need to explore their inner strength and push beyond their comfort zones. It won't be an easy journey, but it can be a wonderful experience.


Shirley NI

Associate Director of Corporate Responsibility & Sustainability

Best Buy Co. Ltd.

GK08, Class of 2022

Management Style:

Be Kind without losing your edge and be gentle but powerful.

Role Model:

My grandmother was born to a rich family, but broke conventions and married my poor grandfather. Even after marriage, she managed to keep her life organized, planting crops in the fields and planting her favorite flowers in the front yard. When my grandfather died, she shouldered the heavy responsibilities of the family. Even then, she was always kind and calm, dressed neatly, sometimes wearing a Qipao and lipstick, and laughing with us children under the grape arbor in the yard. Days with Grandma were safe, happy and varied. Her kindness, tenacity, wisdom, optimism, flexibility, and creativity are deeply written into my DNA.

Her message:

Being a woman is our attribute but not our identity. Don't let being a woman define who you are or who you can be.

Vivian YAN

VP, Takeda China

GK07, Class of 2022

Management Style:

Results-oriented, empowered, and flexible.

Role Model:

Angela Merkel, the first female chancellor of Germany, defied dogma and won recognition and respect for her strength and excellence in a largely male political world. Despite her achievements, Merkel was grateful and humble during her time in office and said: “I am humbled by the duty which I have served for so long and I am grateful for the trust which I have always believed to be the most important and rare asset in politics, so I thank you very much!”

Her message:

Be strict with yourself, treat others sincerely, be modest, positive, and efficient. Diligently pursue your targets, have a clear goal, and do your best, all for a better future.

The individuals are ordered by surname.

     Women have extraordinarily creative power, and female executives have become the backbone of our society. In recent years, more and more outstanding female students have joined the Guanghua-Kellogg Executive MBA program, and the program has been paying close attention to the positive impact of women's role in business development. In the future, the program will continue to provide care for the development of female students and is committed to cultivating outstanding female leaders with an international perspective. Again, Happy International Women's Day!