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GK Graduation | A Midsummer Farwell

July 15, 2022

Like sand through an hourglass, so has time passed by. With the warm wind of midsummer, the graduation season has quietly arrived. The alumni of Guanghua-Kellogg EMBA Program have written farewell words to their cherished campus, professors and classmates.


The following well-wishes are ordered alphabetically.

Sharon Chen

Both maturity and transformation are subtly nurtured. The ingredients we absorbed during class over the two years as well as the interactions with top professors and our exemplary fellow students have changed us for the better. As I roam campus, I feel a deep connection to my country. As I depart PKU, I do so having shouldered a renewed sense of responsibility towards society.


Leon Chen     

Although I have graduated from the program, themutual friendship, learning, and support of our cohort will endure. I will rememberthe insights, feelings, realizations, and take those lessons with me and applythem to my business practices and management style.  I will push business in a better direction.Although we have graduated, life-long learning will continue and the spirit ofour cohort will accompany us forever!



Wenchuan Kuang

With graduation upon us, although the thought of separating from my classmates pains me, we still have a long road ahead together. To use the words of GU Hongming, the students who have passed though Guanghua "have a pure heart, a mature mindset, and live a holistic life." Although we are about to leave Peking University, it’s campus will always remain in our hearts. Thank you to the program for everything I have experienced at here for forming a new starting point for my journey ahead.



Laura Li   

It has been a great privilege to meet you, GK07! With graduation imminent, every time I recall the two years we spent together, I feel a profound sense of warmth which I know will accompany me every spring, summer, autumn and winter of my life. This graduation is not the end, may the tree of our friendship remain evergreen!



Jady Su

My time at the GK “Gaokao” cohort saw me develop academically, but thanks to meeting exemplary faculty and classmates, my ideals and cognition have grown and became more multifaceted. Though the time studying passed in the blink of an eye, it will surely prove to be one of the most vivid periods of my life. Embrace your youth, conscientiously achieve your goals, appreciate your blessings, and be grateful for what you encounter.



Yudong Tan   

Studying at the GK program acquainted me with a wide range of fields, which greatly broadened my vision and the enhanced my future career development. What’s more, I got to know students from all walks of life, who all encouraged and learned from each other, greatly enriching our mutual understanding of all aspects of society. I will always cherish my unforgettable time at the program.



Jingzhe Wang  

When I first started at the program, I never imagined that the prospect of graduating would be so somber. It might have a lack of mental preparation, and I still keep hoping to return to student life at Peking University. More still, I’m grateful. Grateful for my experience studying at the program, which imbued by Guanghua’s thought leadership, and grateful for the help and support of the professors and my fellow students. We have gone through these two extraordinary years together. Although there were many challenges, we have acquired the knowledge and strength to move forward.



Ralph Wu   

Engrossed in Peking University’s classroom, and as a PKUer, I can feel the heavy burden of responsibility. From here on out, when approaching an issue, you can’t just focus on the now, but take a more long-term view. You can’t only consider yourself, but must also think about those at your side, Society, mankind. Not just China, but the world as a whole. You can’t just consider profit, but pushing business and progress. In short, I have found a higher purpose.



Vivian Yan

Though our time at the GK program is coming to an end, a new chapter of our lives is about to begin. From here on out, I won’t have to walk the path towards my dream alone. With the backing and security of this close group of mentors and friends, the obstacles ahead no longer appear daunting, and I will surely move forwards. I’m proud to be a PKUer and a GKer!



Karl Yang   

During our graduation, I wish to tell my classmates:

May your hands always be busy

May your feet always be swift

May your heart always be joyful

May your song always be sung

May you stay forever young

-Bob Dylan

"Again, we praise the little past,

praise what is done;

Cling to the days we've lost,

And lose the hour we've won."

       -Marion Strobel <Without Words>

Not even mountains and seas; can separate people with common goals and ideals.

Congratulations to the Graduates of 2022!