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Alumni Stories | Making a Global Impact on the Recruiting Industry

July 10, 2020

Name:Dow Wang


Work City: Mainly based in Shanghai but travels more than 200,000 km per year globally.

Title:Founder and CEO

Company:MoSeeker, Inc.

Industry:Internet, Recruiting, AI

A natural entrepreneur, Dow Wang (GK05, Class of 2020) developed his career, working in different countries and becoming a department head before founding AI-based HR tech company MoSeeker in 2014. With the intention of expanding the Shanghai-based company overseas and after securing several rounds of funding from strategic investors, Dow decided to select a global EMBA program that could match his business ambitions and visions.

Let's hear his thoughts on his two-year journey with the GK EMBA program!


What was the opportunity that led you to pursue an EMBA?

I wanted to pursue an EMBA as I saw it as a way to achieve my goals. Life to me is all about experiences and I've given a considerable amount of thoughts to the type of person I want to be. I want to have a positive impact on the world as well as succeeding in disrupting the online recruiting industry. As founder and CEO of MoSeeker, I have already been working towards this goal for over 6 years. With my company beginning to expand overseas, I decided to pursue a Global EMBA as a way of increasing not only my skills but gaining a global perspective and expanding my network.

Dow Wang and his fellow classmates at Kellogg, Miami campus

Why did you choose the GK EMBA program?

What set the Guanghua-Kellogg EMBA program apart for me was its position as a global program in China. The Guanghua-Kellogg EMBA program is actually the second time I've pursued an Executive MBA. I've completed an EMBA in a private business school, which focused more on the Chinese market. However, as I am looking to expand my business into more international destinations, I felt that the Guanghua-Kellogg EMBA program, with half of its faculty from Kellogg and a large selection of global electives, was the best fit for me and would prepare me for the next steps for my company. Another reason I chose the Guanghua-Kellogg EMBA program was because a friend referred me to the program giving it a glowing recommendation.

Dow Wang and students from different partner schools during global week at Kellogg, Evanston campus

Could you please describe your classmates?

My class has a very diverse and varied background. While a large proportion of the class is Chinese, there are also students from all over the world. Students also come from a variety of professional backgrounds. There are entrepreneurs, there are people from the public sectors and state-owned enterprises along with other professions such as investment banking and IT. Many of the students and leaders are decision-makers with global vision. They are smart, energetic, and resourceful. I really enjoy spending time with them and we’ve formed close bonds.

Dow Wang and his high-impact, low-ego fellow classmates at Kellogg, Evanston campus

What has been the most rewarding aspect of attending the program? Was there anything in particular that impressed you?

The global network is definitely one of the highlights of the program. I have had the opportunity to take electives at different campuses of the Kellogg global network. I was able to go to San Francisco and Lisbon where I studied brand management, international finance and some other classes. All the courses were extremely interesting and insightful, especially a class given to us by Greg Brown, the current Chairman of Motorola, called “Selling Yourself & Your Ideas”. But what really stood out to me was how the global electives brought together students from all over the world giving me many more networking opportunities. Through the global network, I also learned a lot of interesting stories from other partner schools’ cohorts.

Dow Wang and his fellow classmates during the global week at Lisbon, Portugal

What is the biggest challenge you’ve faced during your studies at the program? How did you solve it?

I have found time management to be the biggest challenge. I am running a start-up which requires me to commit a lot of time. However, this has also benefitted me. I feel I have become better at managing my time and working efficiently, partially through necessity and, partially from learning from my classmates. At the Guanghua-Kellogg EMBA program, we are all in the situation, all working executives that are required to balance work responsibilities with the program. To handle this, we share advice and support each other, completing assignments together in study groups. The other consequence of this challenge is that I push myself harder, telling myself that I'd better graduate on schedule. Thus, I've always managed to meet my GK commitments and have never missed a module.

Dow Wang and his classmates at Northwestern,San Francisco Campus

What has been your favorite course? How do these courses contribute specifically to your work?

International Finance has been my favorite course. Having never studied it before, it was a new field for me. I have found it both informative and intellectually challenging. The course has increased my knowledge and I now consider more variables when making business decisions. It was also especially rewarding to be able to apply what I've just learned at work the following week. Another upside to this course is that it taught in Lisbon, Portugal, which has been an extremely enjoyable environment in a nice city with beautiful weather.

Dow Wang and his fellow classmates at Lisbon, Portugal

Has your experience with the program matched your expectations?

The program has definitely surpassed my expectations. The classes and faculty have been excellent and I've been able to increase my knowledge on a wide range of different subjects. I've also been very pleased with the global electives which have introduced new concepts to me and greatly expanded my network. I've also been pleasantly surprised just how easy it is to get along with my classmates and other alumni. Even though many of us come from high positions, the community is low ego and eager to help each other.

Dow Wang and students from different partner schools during the global week at Lisbon, Portugal

Have any of the connections you’ve made at the program helped you while you were studying or since you’ve graduated?

As I mentioned before, Kellogg's global network is a fantastic resource. I've managed to build friendships and professional relations with the people I've met in the program. Additionally, I've found that I've also made connections outside of the classroom with other Kellogg alumni. The alumni network is not just made up of GK alumni but includes students from Kellogg's partner schools. For example, I've made very close friends within the Kellogg global network and have now even formed business partnership with a few alumni.

Dow Wang and Kellogg alumni at Shanghai, China

What are your long-term career goals in the future? How has the GK EMBA program helped you in the long run?

I aim to build a world-leading AI-based HR-tech company which means increasing MoSeeker's presence in other countries. The program is helping me achieve that goal through help me find new connections and giving me global insights. The global network in particular has already been a huge help. Apart from the business partnerships that I formed with alumni from the global network, there are so many opportunities to meet new people. Kellogg has one of the largest EMBA networks in the world and there are always online and offline events somewhere in the world. Additionally, the GK alumni are also part of Peking University which puts you in good standing, especially in China.

Dow Wang and students from different partner schools during the global week at Evanston, USA

Do you have any suggestions for those students who are considering applying to the GK EMBA program?

As someone who has spent the last six years working pouring my energy and time into setting up my business, I feel it’s just as important to invest in yourself and consider the future. The Guanghua-Kellogg EMBA program has been a great investment and I would highly recommend it to anyone preparing to take the next step in their career. In my opinion, the Guanghua-Kellogg EMBA program is the best Global EMBA program in the world as it offers you a global network in addition to a strong academic learning experience from both world-class universities.