To advance management knowledge and develop future business leaders for China and the global society, Guanghua MBA sticks to the principle of open and continuous innovation. The establishment of school-enterprise collaborative courses is one of the significant moves.

From 2010 fall till now, it has been 10 years since Guanghua first set up collaborative course with Dr. Jonathan WOETZEL from McKinsey & Company. What’s more arousing this year is that Dr. Yibin WU from TEMASEK has also joined the lecturing team. With two senior partners from global giants co-teaching the course, Guanghua MBAer is more than surprised and inspired.

Course Objectives

This course is designed to train the students in the following aspects

- Identify the key driving factors in China’s economic transformation

- How to adjust the investment strategy to be prepared for the great cycle

- How to stand out in the growing Chinese market as a business leader

- How to connect investment philosophy, strategic thinking and investment practice

The course will also illustrate the impact of technological innovations, as well as how to make use of them to build a more intelligent and better connected world. It covers the investment strategy from VC(Venture Capital), PE (Private Equity) till second class stock market, providing students with both theories and practices concerning operation, marketing and digital business construction. 

Students’ Feedback

Yang Song,Guanghua - Wharton Exchange Student

Long Term Investment and Management in China - Philosophy and Prcatice is the most inspiring and comprehensive course I have taken in Guanghua this fall. Dr. WU and Dr. Woetzel has brought to the class not only their time and efforts, but also the professional knowledge and resources that could benefit us for lifetime. For example, in order to teach us about the LoT and industrial 4.0 evolution, we were offered the opportunity to visit and learn at the Mckinsey Digital Capability Center(DCC)in Beijing. Guest lecturers from IDG, Sequoia , CICC also have added practical and insightful perspectives on various topics and cases.

Henry Sher,Guanghua MBA 2019

I highly recommend this elective course. Not only would you learn firsthand from Senior Partners from McKinsey (China) and TEMASEK, but you also would experience a deep-dive industry analysis from top-tier experts from IDG, Sequoia, Centurium Capital, leaders from HBS MBA, and many more. My highlight in this course is having the opportunity to directly and openly engage with industry leaders. This is an extremely unique and special exchange that GSM offers to MBA Candidates, and this is what makes me feel so humbled and honored to be a member of the GSM MBA family. Truly inspiring.

Qiushi LIU,Guanghua MBA 2018

I’m fully attracted by this course with senior partners from globally renowned investment enterprises and consulting companies, including McKinsey & Co, Temasek, IDG, Sequoia Capital, etc., to share their firsthand experiences in their career. These cases have deepened our understanding of diverse topics, including PE, VC, digital transformation, IoT and Consumer China.

By visiting DCC (McKinsey Digital Capability Center), we experienced how new technologies and digital management improve and transform traditional industry; by listening to the senior partners from IDG and Sequoia Capital, we learned the investment strategy and logic of PE/VC as well as its application in Chinese market. With multiple hot topics discussed, this course is highly beneficial in helping us quickly learn about a range of valuable and practical knowledge.

Besides this course, we're offering our students a wealth of other collaborative courses including:

- Corporate Strategy with Boston Consulting Group

- Tax Planning & Tax Accounting with Ernst & Young

- The Art and Science of Business Communication with Ogilvy PR

With all the positive feedbacks, Guanghua MBA will continue to establish more high-quality school-enterprise collaborative courses to benefit our MBA students as well as bring valuable insight into the industry. Together, we're not only educate first-class business leaders for China, the world, and the 21st century, but also nurture individuals with professional competence and social responsibility who can make a positive difference.

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