On Sunday, September 12th, Peking University welcomed 43 students in the second cohort of its "Future Leaders" Program at a New Student Convocation hosted by the Guanghua School of Management. The Convocation was broadcasted live so that international students who could not be attend in person gathered together online to share this exciting moment.

Student profile of the second "Future Leaders" Program

Faculty and students at the Convocation got to learn more about incoming students of the "Future Leaders" Program through video. This is a group of vigorous and talented youths who have their own understanding of leaders in the new era. They are full of expectations for their journey at Guanghua. On behalf of the cohort, Chinese student Yang Zehao took over the school banner of the class, signifying the official start of their two-year study.



Guanghua School of Management Convocation 2021

PKU Guanghua’s highly-selective “Future Leaders” Program recruits top undergraduate students from the world’s leading business schools who possess a well-defined global vision, leadership potential, and the courage to explore new and different cultures. Embodying these principles of comprehensive excellence, 80% of the program’s international students have mastered three or more languages and 50% have life experiences spanning multiple countries or regions. The most recent cohort includes a beauty contest champion who is committed to social welfare activities; a polyglot who has resided in three continents and speaks five languages fluently; a multi-talented student who organizes an e-sports club, and a columnist who share their love for food and life. There is also an ACCA lecturer, a film director, a fencing captain, the youngest regional entrepreneur, and many others who have pursued their passions and excelled.

Liu Qiao, Dean of Guanghua School of Management, expressed his ardent expectations for the class. “One should learn to embrace the storm and push on despite hardship”, Dean Liu pointed out. He hopes that everyone can truly appreciate the value of dreams, treat their dreams with tender care, and respect those seeming rebels who, for the sake of their dreams, defy convention. At the same time, Dean Liu highlighted the importance of perseverance, the courage to act, and acting with perseverance. Only then could this world become closer to one’s ideal.


Liu Qiao, Dean of Guanghua School of Management

Prior to the Convocation, Zhou Li-an, Associate Dean for Undergraduate and Postgraduate Programs, course instructors and administrative staff gathered with the students in the online orientation. The Program team expressed their eager expectation for the new journey that the students will embark on and ensured students could receive all-round support and guidance for their learning and development.


Future Leaders Program Welcome Session

The second cohort of "Future Leaders" Program students come from PKU and partner institutions in 17 different countries and regions, including: Warsaw University of Economics in Poland, University of Mannheim in Germany, University of Hong Kong, Queen's University in Canada, Erasmus University in the Netherlands, ESSEC Business School in France, ESADE Business School and IE Business School in Spain, National University of Singapore, Tel Aviv University in Israel, and Bocconi University in Italy. The leadership of these schools have also sent video greetings from all over the world, encouraging students to make full use of their two years at PKU Guanghua. As a member of the “Future Leaders” Program, students can communicate with outstanding peers, build friendships, explore the unknown, thoroughly understand China's issues, and gain global perspectives.

Messages from the Deans of  the PKU Guanghua Future Leaders Consortium

“You are getting ready to embark on a truly unique and rewarding academic journey. I have no doubt that exciting times that are ahead of you in this next phase as future leaders. I applaud you for your drive and commitment pursuing such a rigorous and challenging dual degree program. The personal and professional growth you will gain from this experience will be invaluable."

——Prof. Ansgar Richter, Dean, Rotterdam School of Management Erasmus University

" I wish to welcome you to the Future Leaders Program the excellent opportunity of the dual degree at PKU. You will have a unique chance to study with your peers from the leading universities around the world and it really paves your way to become the world leaders in the future.”

——Prof. Moshe Zviran, Dean, Coller School of Management Tel Aviv University

What Our Students Say

“I couldn’t believe it when I was accepted to Peking University, being with all the best students in the whole of China in this historical university where have been all the greatest Chinese people, it sounded like a dream!. “


“A fish that has the ambition to cruise around the world can grow into a whale, only if it has the growth environment of the seas. I seek to maximize my potential in the "Future Leaders" Program, give full play to my interests, and become a future international leader who contributes wisdom to a new type of globalization with both passion and prudence.”


“With the continuing expansion of Chinese operations throughout the world, Chinese firms will need leaders and managers to operate on their behalf. This program is the perfect opportunity for me to become accustomed to the Chinese business culture and effectively fill that role, becoming a true global Future Leader”..


“The world needs leaders who how to adapt unexpected situations, especially taking into account how the global economy and society is rapidly changing. The pandemic has made us realize how important it is to be a citizen of the world and how synergies can make/create a huge positive impact.”


“I love to learn new things from various disciplines, and gain insights from different fields, to help solve complex problems in the world today. As the old saying goes— ‘a single confidant in life is enough’— yet we are about to have more than 40 good friends! I am very excited for our journey together.


About the “Future Leaders Program”

By partnering with 15 of the world's best business schools, the Guanghua School of Management has created a program that gives students the opportunity to gain an understanding of their local markets while also immersing them in one of the fastest-growing and most dynamic economies in the world: China. Irina Bokova, former Director-General of UNESCO, once shared her belief with the Program students: Leadership today requires first and foremost the right moral and ethical approach, matched with a sense of responsibility towards the community and towards the others.Peking University's "Future Leaders" Program was created directly in response to the need to cultivate movers and shakers able to bridge cultures and societies in their chosen fields.

Students will live and study together with classmates of diverse backgrounds from different countries and regions, creating a unique platform to form and exchange new ideas. The program also allows students to become intimately familiar with Chinese business and society through specialized China-focused coursework, Chinese language classes, and an immersive experiential learning course at Guanghua's branch campuses across China.