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2018 Guanghua New York Forum Program

Event Overview

The Peking University Guanghua New York Forum is an annual event that explores the role of businesses and institutions in shaping a better world. Academic, government, and business leaders alike are invited to join us to hear from our slate of distinguished speakers poised to share insights on this year's theme"Investing in a Better World."This year's Forum will take place during Peking University's 120th Anniversary Celebration Week, marking a significant moment in the University's history.

In an era of new trends in globalization, we have seen how technological advancements, new business models and the dynamic global economy can drive fundamental changes across the world. These changes present both challenges and opportunities. They require us to re-imagine how businesses and institutions can positively impact the globe on a scale previously unprecedented in human history.

Event Program

*Schedule subject to modification

Session 1: "The Global Economy: China, US & the World"

The global economy continues to be characterized by uncertainty as diverging perspectives on policy have challenged long-held assumptions about trade.Columbia University Professor Jeffrey Sachs; Evan Medeiros, Managing Director for Asia at Eurasia Group; and Guanghua Dean LIU Qiaowill analyze the current state of the economy--including existing trade disputes, general growth trends, and global cooperation--and look to the future.

As the world’s two largest economies, China and the United States play integral roles in promoting global growth, creating innovative approaches to economic challenges, and encouraging other countries to work together to alleviate social problems. Speakers will share their insights on how these countries can exert their leadership constructively and analyze remaining opportunities for cooperation. This session will provide macro-economic context to the issues for discussion in the afternoon.

Session 2: "Technology, Business, and Society"

China and the U.S. are at the forefront of technological innovation in the fields of artificial intelligence and the mobile economy.CAI Hongbin, Dean of the Faculty of Business and Economics at the University of Hong Kong, and Guanghua Professor SHEN Qiaoweiwill provide commentary onthese topics. They will also engage in dialogues with experts on artificial intelligence and the mobile technology about how these new developments are impacting society, fundamental questions they raise about the way humans interact with technology, and applications they have for business.

Artificial intelligence has been a “hot topic” both in academia and popular culture.Professor Max Tegmarkof MIThas focused his most recent research on exploring different possible futures for humanity that include intelligent machines in his research. This served as the foundation for hisNew York Timesbest-sellerLife 3.0.

  • What will happen as machines continue to grow smarter and eventually outsmart humans?

  • Should this trend concern us or will a future with AI be a peaceful one?

  • Are there steps we should be taking now to prepare for such a future?

Mobile technology’s prevalence is already having an impact on our daily lives, and this will continue to be the case as mobile technology integrates with AI, AR, VR, and wearable technologies.NYU Professor Anindya Ghoseresearch focuses on how data created by these technologies can be harnessed to create value for both firms and consumers, a topic he addresses in his most recent book“TAP: Unlocking the Mobile Economy.”

  • What is new and different about mobile as a channel?

  • Are firms investing adequately in this space?

  • What are the nine forces shaping the $3 trillion mobile economy?

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