Tuition and Scholarships


Guanghua Full-time Global MBA Program (Taught in English)

Tuition: 188,000 RMB for the whole program

Guanghua Part-time MBA Program (Taught in Chinese)

Tuition: 398,000 RMB for the whole program

Double Degree Programs: Students will pay the first-year tuition at PKU and the second-year tuition at our partner school.

(1) GSM-ESSEC & GSM-WHU Programs: Tuition fees vary depending on the number of students exchanged between Guanghua and the partner school. Balanced Double MBA Degree candidates of these two programs may have a tuition fee discount;

(2) GSM-ESADE Program is different from other programs. Students interested in the Guanghua-ESADE double MBA degree should apply to and be admitted by both Guanghua and ESADE before enrollment in either institution.;

(3) GSM-SNU Program: SNU usually discounts the tuition fee for double degree students.

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Guanghua Excellence Scholarship: Up to 188,000 RMB tuition waiver, apply via our MBA online application system.

Beijing Municipal Government Scholarship: Apply via our MBA online application system.

Need-Based Scholarship: Successful candidates will receive 50,000-100,000 RMB waiver. Apply via our MBA online application system.

The Guanghua MBA is dedicated to promoting humanitarian values. As such, applicants are welcome to apply for need-based entrance scholarships if they are:

A. In financial need

B. Female

C. A member of a minority group

D. A citizen of a developing or underdeveloped country

Chinese Government Scholarship: The scholarship offers 60,000-188,000 RMB waiver, free on-campus accommodation and monthly allowance. Apply via CSC Online System. For more information, please click here.

Please be aware that you need to apply for the Chinese Government Scholarship through the Chinese Embassy in your home country. If you have been accepted by the Guanghua MBA through the regular application process, it would be helpful for your CSC application. You can attach your admission notification letter when you submit your application to the Embassy.

The Chinese Government Scholarship (GSM) Scheme is administered by the Ministry of Education, P.R. China in accordance with educational exchange agreements or understandings reached between the Chinese government and the governments of other countries, organizations, educational institutions, and relevant international organizations to provide both full and partial scholarships to international students and scholars studying in China. International students who are applying to Peking University can apply for CGS support.

Other Awards: Peking University and Guanghua MBA also offer several scholarship programs annually for exceptional students to apply for during their 2nd and 3rd semester. When assessing merit, we consider a variety of factors including academic performance, leadership, professional accomplishments, service, and ability to contribute to the diversity of the Guanghua community. Currently, the scholarship programs include:

Note: Guanghua reserves the right to revise the scholarship programs as needed.


Living Expenses Accommodation: approximately RMB 30,000-40,000/year

*Note: the Quoted expense is for shared housing. Renting an apartment alone will be considerably more expensive.

On-campus housing: approximately RMB 40,000-50,000/year

Food: approximately RMB 12,000/year

Transportation and miscellaneous costs: approximately RMB 5,000/year

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