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Founded in 1985, Guanghua's influence spans key geographical regions in China. Besides Beijing, we have four other teaching locations in Shanghai, Shenzhen, Xi'an, and Chengdu, which are all economic and business development centers of China. Each location offers a distinctive focus on the changing business landscape in China in order to provide a comprehensive insight into understanding the China market. Students will have the opportunity to travel to all the teaching locations via organized study trips to visit local companies as well as to network with fellow business students and top industry professionals。

Guanghua School of Management is located inside Peking University, one of China’s most prestigious institutes of higher education, which is right next door to China’s Silicon Valley. Our campus boasts some of the leading facilities in China and across Asia – from Olympic sporting facilities to modern and comprehensive array of libraries to state-of-the-art computer labs and innovation hubs. With the beautiful backdrop of the Weiming Lake, the focal point of the campus, as well as China’s former Imperial Gardens, the campus offers a relaxing yet dynamic environment at the very heart of China.

As a university-based business school, Guanghua School of Management has, and shares, some of the most advanced facilities and resources in the country:

Peking University Guanghua Belt and Road Institute

The mission of the institute is to build a high-level platform for international communication and cross-cultural cooperation for the cultivation of political and business leaders for countries in the Belt and Road Initiative (BRI).

The institute will also act as the think tank to support BRI policy making and business practices, as well as link Guanghua’s world-class research and teaching capabilities to create new knowledge and talented ‘One Belt One Road Scholars’ to further develop the initiative.

The institute will be an open platform for potential leaders to exchange their own development experiences and ideas, define key issues facing their countries and business, develop an in-depth understanding of the Chinese development model, as well as explore related opportunities and challenges.

Peking University Library

The Peking University library is the largest library in Asia.

For the past hundred years the Library has undergone various phases of its development, including the difficult years after its founding, the period of the New Culture Movement marked by a lively concurrence of thoughts and ideas, the tough ordeals during the days of the Southwest Associated Universities, and the fast developing stage made possible by the policy of opening to the world.

The Library’s collection has been expanding, its facilities ever in the process of being improved, and its acquisitions of new equipment and technology always being up to date. All this has made the Library an age-old yet modern Chinese library with magnitude in every aspect, winning an international reputation as one of the most important and best managed libraries in the country.

The very edifice of Peking University Library chronicles the dedication and pursuit of generations of its staff, its shape being the perennial embodiment of our dreams and wishes. The past hundred years will go down in history with our proud achievements, and the future years will prove that our visions and efforts will not turn futile.

Global Innovation and Entrepreneurship Center of Peking University

The PKU Global Center for Innovation and Entrepreneurship is the cradle for future entrepreneurs that not only serves as a platform for promoting cooperation in entrepreneurship, innovation, artificial intelligence and information technology, but also in creating an entrepreneurial climate and an innovative spirit to cultivate the next talents for the global society.

Supporting students’ business startups, the New Youth Maker Space inside the center encourages students to exchange ideas, enhance entrepreneurial collaboration and facilitate innovative research and entrepreneurial activities to further enrich the development of innovation and entrepreneurship at Peking University and China.

Peking University Stanford Center

The Stanford Center at Peking University (SCPKU) is the hub for all China-focused research, education and collaborations.

The SCPKU is a dynamic hub of intellectual exchange and collaboration, and the focal point for building academic and educational networks throughout East Asia. The SCPKU’s tri-level conference center offers collaborative spaces, high immersion classrooms, as well as offices to support events, research, seminars, education and outreach. Guanghua and SCPKU have a close relationship on course development.

Guanghua Innovation and Entrepreneurship Hub

The Center for Innovation and Entrepreneurship at Guanghua School of Management offers support and guidance for young entrepreneurs to start their businesses in China and how to apply their knowledge in the Chinese business context. For example, students can seek advice about entrepreneurial finance, the financial considerations of the each stage of a startup, as well as how to improve their skills in investment negotiation and the realities of entrepreneurship in China.

Guanghua Career Development Center

The Career Development Center (CDC) at Guanghua School of Management is responsible for providing career advice, planning, training and job placement services for students. CDC is committed to helping Guanghua students, including MBA, undergraduate, masters, and doctoral students to achieve career goals that are challenging yet attainable. The CDC provides specialized, individual and systematic training in relevant skills, including CV-writing, interview techniques, analytical skills, self-management, time management etc., so as to enhance students’ professionalism and overall competitiveness in the job market.

CDC takes full advantage of the University’s and its own social resources to establish a firm connection between students and the corporate world. Through its constantly updated student/employer databases, it keeps potential employers and employees informed of the latest developments. Moreover, CDC cooperates with businesses to provide a diverse and exciting range of on-campus activities that are well-suited to students’ personal specialization and professional preferences, regularly inviting experts and HR managers from different industries to the school, and organizing for students to take part in company visits.

For more information about our Career Development Center, career prospects, and to download our latest Employment Report, please visit

PKU Guanghua – FC Barcelona Sports Management Center

The jointly-developed Center of Knowledge and Innovation in the Sport Industry with one of the best and most famous sports clubs in the world, FC Barcelona, allows the development of activities and models of sport management in the first-of-its-kind sport innovation hub in Asia.

The strategic partnership with FCB Universitas, which is FC Barcelona’s platform for research, investigation, education and innovation, will provide opportunities for MBA students to take sports business and management courses in Barcelona in order to lead the way in boosting the development of the sports industry in both China and globally.

Guanghua Art Management Research Center

The Art Management Research Center at Guanghua School of Management serves to provide training, workshops and consultation to arts organizations, managers and professionals. The center also promotes research and courses on luxury brand management as well as China’s fast-growing cultural and creative industries in order to cultivate creative talents with a business mindset.

Guanghua School of Management has an extensive number of think tanks, many of which are national-level think tanks in China that provides students with the platform to engage in research, critical thinking and discussions in topics ranging from new finance to high-tech industries to corporate social responsibility.

Academy of Finance and Development, Peking University Brand Research Center
Business Intelligence Research Center for Financial Analysis and Investment
Center for International Accounting and Finance
Center for Management Science of Peking University
Center for Responsibility and Social Value
Center for Economic Analysis and Forecasting
Peking University Center on China Low Carbon Development
Center on Sino-USA Market Economy and Management
China Center for Small and Medium-sized Enterprises Development
Chinese Enterprise Management Study Center
Guanghua-Audi Research Institute of Management
Guanghua-Baodao Corporate Information & Innovation Research Center
Guanghua-Cisco Leadership Institute
Guanghua Lab of Behavioral Science
Guanghua Research Center of Behavioral Science Institute of Business Research
Institute of China Economy and WTO Institute of Economic Policy Research
Institute of Poverty Research
Peking University International Operation Management Institute
Luen Thai Center for Supply Chain System Research & Development
Peking University Management Case Study Center
Market Economy Academy
National Center for Financial Research
National High-Tech Industrial Development Zone
Development Strategy Institute
New Finance Research Center
New Media Marketing Research Center
PKU-Guanghua Fubon Center for Finance
Research Center for Financial Risk Management
Research Center for Venture Capital
Peking University Research Center of Finance & Securities
Research Center of Financial Mathematics and Engineering
Research Center of Monetary Policy and Financial Situation
Research Center on Distribution Economy & Management
Peking University Strategic Research Academy
Town Economy and Local Finance Research Center of Guanghua
Guanghua Alibaba Lecture Hall & 898 Innovation Hall

The Guanghua Alibaba Lecture Hall and Guanghua 898 Innovation Hall are two key conference and lecture halls at Guanghua School of Management’s building 1 and 2, respectively, for hosting important events, forums and seminars, and public lectures.

Guanghua Library & Case Study Rooms

Guanghua offers comprehensive study and research resources with a compact library as well as private case study rooms with free Wi-Fi and modern computer monitors suitable for both individual and group work.

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