• Guanghua – College of Management, National Taiwan University (Taiwan, China)

    NTU College of Management was founded in 1987. NTU College of Management is home to 109 outstanding full-time faculty members, many of whom graduated from the world’s top universities. More than 100 papers are published annually by professors of the College in SSCI and SCI journals, an achievement, along with a steady growth, that has consolidated the international standing of the College. In the spring 2016, Guanghua and Taiwan University executed an MOU to cooperate in MBA education and to provide a double MBA degree program opportunity to interested students. If successfully admitted, Guanghua MBA students can spend their first year in Guanghua and second year in Global MBA Program at Taiwan University, and receive two MBA degrees from both institutions.

  • Guanghua – Graduate School of International Corporate Strategy, Hitotsubashi University (Japan)

    ​The Graduate School of International Corporate Strategy (ICS) at Hitotsubashi University offers an ideal environment to develop one’s global leadership skills. Sporting a diverse student body, ICS combines the skills and knowledge expected from a leading global MBA with an emphasis on Japan and the larger Asian business landscape. Successful completion results in two MBA degrees.

  • Guanghua – Graduate School of Business, Yonsei Universtiy (South Korea)

    ​Not only is the Yonsei Graduate School of Business Korea’s first business school, but it is also undoubtedly one of its best. This is in no small part due to a continued and consistent effort to become a premier center of management education. Such efforts have proved fruitful as the Yonsei Graduate School of Business now has an outstanding international and local reputation, as reflected in its position in global MBA rankings.

  • Guanghua – Graduate School of Business, Seoul National University (South Korea)

    ​Deepen your knowledge of the Asian business landscape by enrolling in a joint Chinese and Korean education. Seoul National University’s Graduate School of Business aims to be more than just the top business school in Korea, but to be one of the most highly ranked MBA programs in the world. As such, more than half of their elective courses are taught by prominent visiting academics from prestigious universities worldwide. Guanghua MBA students who are admitted to this double MBA degree program will be eligible for CAMPUS Asia Scholarship granting on-campus accommodation and a monthly allowance during their study period in Seoul. Enrolled students will spend the first semester at Guanghua, the second and third semesters in Seoul, before returning to Beijing for the fourth semester. Successful completion results in two MBA degrees.

  • Guanghua – National University of Singapore (Singapore)

    ​As Singapore’s top business school, the NUS business school is an ideal place to learn about business in Asia. This program enables students to become global business leaders by providing a rigorous, relevant, and rewarding education. By contextualizing theories and cases in Asia’s diverse and dynamic business landscape, students enrolled in this double degree are offered a fantastic opportunity to complement their education at Guanghua, deepen their insights, and develop a global perspective.Successful completion results in two MBA degrees.

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