• Guanghua’s MBA Program - the Fusion of Local and International Elite Learning Experience

    "I set for myself three goals for the MBA Program: to receive top-level business education based on the Chinese market, to expand my vision and network, and to have a global experience. Compared with the first two goals which can be easily attained thanks to Guanghua’s profound legacy accumulated over the years, 'a global experience' included in the third goal is a treasure that makes Guanghua...

    Apr 27, 2021

  • Guanghua NUS Double Degree:Passion Made Possible

    Hoping to maximize my experience as a global business leader, I considered the double degree program offered by Guanghua School of Management (GSM) as a way to embrace this once-in-a-lifetime opportunity of adapting and exploring different transitions in my life. As Asia is reclaiming its place on the international stage, it is a surreal experience to study at National University of Singapore (...

    Dec 22, 2020

  • Guanghua-ICS Double Degree: The Best of Two Worlds

    Hitotsubashi ICS, international corporate strategy, is the number one MBA program in Japan ranked by QS. The program positions itself as a business school with western teaching methods and Japanese characteristics. It conveys the core values of the school with the quote "The best of two worlds".This sentence means different to me than to other students in ICS. While Guanghua and ICS are both to...

    Apr 2, 2020

  • Guanghua-ESSEC Double Degree: Double Degree Program enriched my MBA life

    ​When I first arrived in Paris, it was the end of August 2019. And now, it is the end of January 2020, where my compatriots are celebrating the Spring Festival in China.Looking back over the past five months I spent at ESSEC, I find myself to have a lot to share. Studying in France has always been a dream of mine since my undergraduate years. When I learned that the Guanghua School of Manageme...

    Feb 10, 2020

  • Guanghua NUS Double Degree: Never Stop Chasing Dream

    At the end of July 2019, my dream of studying the MBA Dual-degree in NUS flew to Singapore with the plane landing slowly at the Changi Airport, following with a challenging and amazing journey.NUS, a well-known comprehensive university in the Asia-Pacific region, is the home to elites from all over the world. With the perfect integration of east and west cultures, NUS is keeping to push its tea...

    Mar 2, 2020

  • A Tale of Two Cities

    Six months have passed since I arrived in France. ESSEC is pretty tiny, and every morning, with the first beam of light penetrating into the campus, voices arise. Different faces in different colors coming from all over the world gather right here and discuss in all kinds of languages, through which you can even observe the collision of their wisdom. As a famous business school known by every French household, ESSEC maintains a very high level in both academy and campus atmosphere, and studying here offers you a deep understanding of the business world, especially the European economy, and an opportunity of meeting young potential business leaders from different countries of the world.

    Aug 14, 2017

  • Sleepless in Seattle - My time at the University of Washington

    As the Chinese saying goes, “read ten tho​usand books, travel ten thousand miles.” So when I applied for my double degree program, I chose Foster School of Business at the University of Washington — on the other side of the earth — for my second year of MBA. Now, having spent more than half a year here, I have experienced first-hand of being “alone in a foreign land, where I think of my dear ones far away on festive occasions”. I miss my first year in Peking University ever more than other experiences. People say that one is easy to overestimate his or her short-term targets and underestimate long-term achievements.

    Aug 14, 2017

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