Brief Introduction Faculty

Guanghua faculty are a dedicated group of experts with in-depth knowledge of the Chinese economy, who actively work to shape policy, lead in new research fields, as well as constantly rewrite the changing landscape of business in China. They bring diverse industry and cultural experiences both inside the classroom and outside the business world, helping students to understand the nuances of doing business in China, to think out of the box, and to cultivate a China-centric mindset.

Our faculty includes consultants to the World Bank, National People’s Congress members, Amazon Best-Seller Authors, leaders of Fortune 500 companies, and partners of companies involved in the Belt and Road Initiative, many of whom have graduated, and taught, in renowned institutions across the globe, including Oxford, Harvard, and Stanford University.

Full-time faculty members
Professors hold Doctorates from prominent overseas universities
Professors selected for the Talent Project the Ministry of Education
Professors awarded the distinguished Young Scholars Award of China by the National Science Foundation
Professors selected in China’s One-Thousand-Talents Scheme
Professors given fellowships in Global Associations
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