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What is the MBA Student Ambassador Program?

The Guanghua MBA Student Ambassadors are a group of current MBA students who are dedicated to the positive promotion of the Guanghua School of Management, Peking University. The program is designed to help prospective applicants gain an insight into the reality of life at Guanghua through sharing their experiences.

Choosing where to undertake your MBA is a big decision, and our Ambassadors can help you decide whether Guanghua is right for you. Our Ambassadors can provide you with more of an understanding of what life will be like here at Guanghua better than any website or MBA brochure can.

We also have many Guanghua MBA Alumni who act as Ambassadors. You may wish to contact them with specific queries regarding employment opportunities, and how their MBA helped them in their career paths. Of course, you can also contact them to ask about their experiences as Guanghua MBA students.

Currently, our overseas MBA Ambassadors are from more than 30 different countries, namely, Australia, Austria, Britain, Canada, France, Iceland, India, Indonesia, Israel, Italy, Japan, Kazakh, Korea, Kazakhstan, Laos, Liberia, Malaysia, Mexico, Myanmar, Norway, Pakistan, Philippine, Senegal, Singapore, Switzerland, Thailand and USA.

Our Current MBA Student Ambassadors

The Ambassador Program is entirely managed by our current team of dedicated MBA students.

As a prospective applicant, you can get help from Ambassadors in the following ways:

•Ask the Ambassadors about their MBA program experience

•Direct your inquiries to the current Ambassadors via email

•Ask the Ambassadors to help you to arrange to sit in on a lecture

•Make your own plan through their guidance to make your study years more fruitful

If you are interested in our MBA programs and would like to get first-hand information about Guanghua, please feel free to contact our MBA Student Ambassadors via email

Our Ambassadors can help you with all manner of queries you might have. Common areas that prospective students ask about are:

•The MBA Program at Guanghua: the Faculty, facilities, courses etc.

•Opportunities for internships and professional networking.

•What life is like in Beijing.

•Advice regarding practical issues: housing, visa application, health checks etc.

•Social opportunities: students associations, nightlife.

Meet with our Student Ambassadors

For those students coming to Guanghua in person for interview, our Ambassadors will be on hand to meet with you to answer any questions you might have. They also organize a dinner for you to meet other prospective Guanghua candidates.

Our Ambassadors will be available for you to meet in several different locations during the Summer Break. Last year prospective students met with our Ambassadors in Singapore, New York, Toronto and Beijing.

MBA Ambassadors New Student Guide

Our current MBA Ambassadors have put together a guide for new students starting at Guanghua to help them settle into life in Beijing. The guide covers many useful areas of information such as visa issues, transport, accommodation, banking, course information, travel information and many other useful topics. DownloadNew Student Guide

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