Professor ZHAO,Longkai

Ph.D, MBA Program Director 

The Guanghua School of Management is the official business school of China’s oldest and most prestigious institution; Peking University. Located on a beautiful campus located at the former site of the Qing Dynasty imperial gardens, we place great importance on emphasizing the reality of doing business in China. On that note, it is not unreasonable to propose that success in the Asia-Pacific region requires one to display cross-cultural management skills in addition to exhibiting a thorough understanding of the local political, economic, and cultural landscape. Nor is it unreasonable to state that currently, and for the foreseeable future, this landscape is contingent on China.

Our MBA comprises a rigorous curriculum covering core business practices complemented by specialist China-focused subjects. This suite of specialist courses is designed to instill in our students a profound understanding of the complex Chinese business environment. We also encourage our MBA students to take advantage of the numerous international opportunities offered in conjunction with several other renowned universities around the globe. These partnerships are indicative of the notion that, in China, professional success is rarely achieved alone. As such, our MBA students are given exclusive access to an extensive and influential alumni network stretching to the highest levels of Chinese business and political life. But beyond serving as a conduit to China’s leading academics and business executives, we stress the practical side of academia. We see the value in relying on academia to properly contextualize observations and to inform decision making. We teach our MBA students to truly understand the subtle, and often ambiguous, details that define business in China.

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