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The Guanghua MBA strikes a balance between providing the highest quality management education and introducing the cultural sensibilities and related approaches necessary for career development in the Asia-Pacific business landscape.

Guanghua is more than a business school, and our MBA program cultivates leaders beyond management skills. That is why we have developed the courses which incorporate scientific attitude, value creation, and professionalism into its core values in order to provide our students with a comprehensive skill set to challenge conventional thinking and tackle complex problems in today's rapidly changing economy.


Scientific Attitude: Guanghua MBA develops leaders who are able to create new business models, promote industry progress and identify future technology trends with the help of scientific knowledge and technology tools. They are able to think critically, seek truth from facts, pay attention to evidence and persue truth.

Value Creation: Peking University Guanghua MBA helps with value development. We develop big picture thinkers who can not only contribute to the growth of companies, but also have strong social responsibility and are willing to promote social progress.

Professionalism: Guanghua MBA builds leaders with professional attitude and skills. They have work ethics and are equipped with technical knowledge and skills. The business professionals have the ability to identify industry trends and build companies’ competitive advantages.

A Brief Introduction of the Courses:

To develop such business professionals, we offer elective courses based on the following characteristics:

The elective courses are related to a variety of industries and subjects, which include investment, accounting, marketing, organization and strategic management, etc. Students will gain knowledge needed for success on their desirable jobs.

Besides, the courses are designed based on industry life cycles. For instance, entrepreneurship courses focus on early-stage growth enterprises, industry sectors and pathways courses for mid-term stage companies and industry theories for maturity stage companies. Students will learn new business patterns, understand future trends and know how to take advantage of new business opportunities.

Besides, students can develop practical skills by taking courses provided by well-known companies such as McKinsey, BCG, Bridgewater, Ernst & Young and Temasek.

A Detailed Introduction of the Courses


We believe that academia has an important role to play in practical business decision making. Our MBA stresses the importance of understandingwhythe Chinese business landscape is the way it is, and efforts are consistently made – by both students and staff – to remain current with contemporary business thinking.

Practical Course--Integrated Practicum Project:

- Engage in a real-life consulting project for an external client (either local or international business)

- Gain practical insights into China business and dealing with Chinese professionals

- Opportunity to expand your China network

Find out more about IPP.


Both Peking University and the Guanghua School of Management have impeccable reputations in the Asia-Pacific region. As such, our students are presented with many exciting opportunities to connect with business executives and entrepreneurs. There are several experiential learning opportunities for our MBA students to undertake real-life consulting projects for external clients.

Industry-Specific Approach:

- Healthcare

- Social Enterprise Management

- Data

- Finance

- Culture


Our suite of China-focused courses introduce the challenges, pitfalls, and opportunities found in China, and provide our students with a profound understanding of China’s complex and effervescent business environment. Courses cover topics including China’s unique economy, corporate behavior, consumers, government regulation, negotiation, and leadership styles, amongst others.

China-Focused Courses:

- China's Financial System (joint-course with Stanford Graduate School of Business)

- Marketing in Emerging Economies: Understanding and Marketing to Chinese Consumers (joint-course with the Wharton School of the University of Pennsylvania)

- Tax Planning and Tax Accounting (with Ernst & Young)

- Emerging Topics in Chinese Strategy (with McKinsey & Company)

- China in the World Economy (Peking University Stanford Centre)

- Foreign Entrepreneurship in China

- Managing the MNC's in China

- Doing Business in China

- Luxury Brand Management

- Leadership Behaviors in Chinese Organizations

- Real Estate Investment and Development


An important part of living and working in China is to know the language. Our international students are all provided with intensive high-quality Mandarin training throughout the duration of their MBA.


Peing University ranks among the world’s best in many of the 48 subjects covered by the subject rankings, achieving top 20 positions by QS World University Rankings 2021. As the official business school of Peking University, Guanghua has access to some of the best resources in China for students interested in taking elective courses in arts and humanities subjects ranging from modern languages, linguistics to geography and performing arts.

Guanghua Branch Campuses

Guanghua's influence span across key geographical regions in China, with five core campuses located in Beijing, Shanghai, Shenzhen, Xi'an, and Chengdu. Each campus offers a distinctive focus on the changing business landscape in China in order to provide a comprehensive insight into understanding the China market. Students from each campus have the opportunity to visit other branch campuses via organized study trips to visit local companies as well as to network with fellow business students and top industry professionals.

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