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#Why Guanghua# is a special feature on our MBA students' stories with Guanghua School of Management. Beverly is from Panama, a beautiful country in Latin America. Beverly is a board member and attorney of Orinoco Energy Resources. What made this young ambitious lady choose Global MBA program at Peking University? How does she like the program? Come and join us, let's get to know more about Beverly.


Basic Info

Name: Beverly Fung Mock

Fun fact about myself: People rarely guess where I am from at first.

Hometown: I was born in the US and grew up between Panama and Venezuela. My soul is mostly Latina but my heritage is Chinese.

Previous School and Major: Universidad Central de Venezuela, Law

Most Recent Employer and Job Title: Orinoco Energy Resources, Board Member and Attorney.


Q: Can you give us a brief introduction of your experience?

I come from a family that has cherished hard work since an early age. During holidays, my parents made me spent my breaks working to understand the value of work. In high school, I did it in my father's business. Besides my responsibilities as a Teacher Assistant at Law School at the university, I also worked at my mother's business. Upon graduation, I worked at the Supreme Court of Venezuela for 4 years by being the youngest person ever work there. After reaching the highest promotion because of regulatory age, I decided to work fully with my family's company. I moved to the private sector and acted as Project Manager of many projects and Legal advisor of the company in Panama and Venezuela. At the same time, I started an NGO to help people without housing access to food, medical assistance, and education. In 2018, I decided to move to Beijing to learn Chinese mandarin and begin my adventure of studying in China and connecting with my roots. Currently, I am leading some projects in Latin America, one of which started in my first year in Guanghua.

Q: Can you tell us a little bit more about your experience as a lawyer?

I will never forget what a Professor at Law School taught us in one class, "a good lawyer is not the one that says slang and talks incomprehensible things. Instead, it is the one that explains complicated concepts in simple ways". And it is true! Lawyers are not only surrounded by other lawyers. We are the bridge that connects the people to their rights and legal system. From there, I understood that law is in everything we do and the importance of having a good one on your side. Law has shaped my professional and personal character. It gave me a way of thinking that has helped me in many areas. For example, when I worked at the Supreme Court, all my colleges were older than me and had many years of experience. At first, I thought I could not do much but realized we could all contribute to anything. The Justices started to hire more young people because they saw in me -or that is what one of my bosses said- a multitasking person or maybe "the bright side of the millennials" and all our advantages. Moreover, when I started to take care of all of our family's company legal affairs; I understood that the best way to finish a judicial conflict is to never create one. My law experience allowed me to get involved in the magic of negotiation and doing win-win businesses.

Q: What led you to pursue an MBA at this point in your career?

As Legal Counsel and Project Manager of my family's company, I started transitioning from practicing law exclusively to management. Being a manager allowed me to delegate work and supervise areas that I was not familiar to. Although I have developed some skills throughout my business administration experience, I was prone to approach things from a legal perspective, and I wanted to change that.

I know an MBA will enable me to utilize my knowledge and combine it with new tools for my future. I will attain a deeper understanding of management concepts and their use in real-life situations, especially recognizing and creating business opportunities from every difficulty. Someone once said, "Opportunity is everywhere. The key is to develop the vision to see it."


Q: What was the key factor(s) that led you to determine on Guanghua instead of other school, and why was it so important to you?

My decision to study an MBA was made after graduating from law school. I then decided to move to Beijing and study for the MBA in China. I started to look into programs of top schools, and Guanghua of course, was on top of the list. Besides its prestige as Guanghua School of Management, Peking University also toped first. Nonetheless, the critical factor of choosing Guanghua was its community. I had the opportunity to meet graduates, professors, and MBA office members. They were all genuinely interested in my story and what I wanted to offer as a student and graduate of the program. At the same time, it caught my attention during the admission process how important its corporate social responsibility and the integration with the community for the program. I could tell that Guanghua is interested in forming holistic leaders for the future.

Q: Do you think Guanghua will help with your career? If so, why?

Definitely, it will, and it already has! Guanghua offers the best network in China, and the prestige accompanying its name will open many doors. Moreover, Guanghua has supported an initiative that another classmate and I had called PitchClub. We have received so much support from the MBA office, professors, and classmates. Even classmates from the part-time cohort have joined us in our meetings. Thanks to this support, we are now taking PitchClub Experience to a corporate step with our first multinational company as our first client.

Q: What quality best describes your MBA classmates and why?

A popular podcast named “different hustles, same mindset,” and the title could not define our class better. G20 is full of people with diverse backgrounds, careers, and lived experiences. Although we are all different, we are looking to be a better version of ourselves. Together we understand our differences but support each other to achieve the same goal. We appreciate our flaws but work together to overcome all challenges that arise supported by each other skills.


Q: What do you like to do in your spare time?

I love to cook! Trying new recipes and giving a little twist to traditional ones I found online it’s one of my passions. And at the same time, I enjoy eating. Trying new flavors and spices amuse me. I am a true believer that through flavors, you can meet and understand different cultures. I also enjoy dancing and singing, especially Latin rhythms.

Q: What was your defining moment and how did it shape who you are?

Since I was young, my family has always taught me the importance of working hard and doing my best to achieve my goals to take care of my family. Therefore, even when I had the opportunity to enter a high position in my family’s company upon graduation, I decided I wanted to gain experience before working in the business. Hence, I prepared myself and developed a working culture to return to my family business as an asset and not a burden. From this experience, I felt the gratification of bringing visionary ideas from my past experiences and always looking to excel in your performance, no matter how comfortable you are.

Q:What’s the plan after graduation / where do you see yourself in ten years?

If I had answered this interview in 2020, I would have said that I plan to stay and work in a big Chinese company leading their international division or promoting their globalization strategy after graduation. Nonetheless, one thing that this pandemic has taught us is that plans change unexpectedly and also our direction. I am currently leading some projects in Latin America in cooperation with Chinese companies. Hence maybe I won't be living in China but definitely still deeply functioning as a bridge to Chinese business and the Latin American market.


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