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Nationality: Lithuanian College: BSc Financial Mathematics, Lancaster University (United Kingdom)

Ignas Vycas

Nationality: Lithuanian

(Pre) Education: BSc Financial Mathematics, Lancaster University (United Kingdom)

(Pre) Employer: BGlink Global


I was born and raised in Lithuania, a small country in the Northern Europe. While living in a tiny and quiet place has its own benefits, I felt like I’m missing a lot. After high-school, I enrolled in the Lancaster University for my bachelor’s degree in Financial Mathematics in the United Kingdom.

During the undergraduate days, I met a lot of great people as well as made some of my best friends, who coincidently were from China. This has opened a new chapter in my life. In 2013, I joined an investment consulting and management company in Dalian, China. Getting to know my Chinese friends during the study days, I knew I’m going to enjoy it here, and 5 years later I’m typing this from Beijing, still in China.

From a town with population of 500 in Lithuania, to the United Kingdom, to China, I saw and learnt a lot, meeting my goal of going out and living in some of the biggest cities in the world. After working in the industry for a few years, I have gathered valuable experience of working in China and knew that I will continue to go on this path. Over the years in China I have learnt from the people I met, the work I did, but I also wanted to experience the education sector of the country. To further strengthen my professional skills and gain knowledge, there was no better option than to choose Guanghua School of Management in the heart of the country – Beijing.

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