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Nationality: Brazil College: Federal University of Itajubá

Rafael Rezende Macedo

Nationality: Brazil

(Pre) Education: Federal University of Itajubá

(Pre) Employer: State Grid Brazil Holding 


I was born in Sao Paulo, Brazil, where I graduated in Automation Engineering and specialized in Power Systems and Project Management. During my 12 years career in Power Energy, I could live some amazing life-changing stories managing and dealing with people. Stories with a mutual positive impact that generated value for both sides and made me realize how great contribution to the world and the society we can bring by building a symbiosis relationship with people. This value is even higher when you interact with people and institutions within a multicultural background and diversity.

Working several years for a major Power Energy Chinese company in Brazil (巴西国家电网控股公司) is just an example of how can these cultural exchanges transform our lives. After this experience, I really could see the world from a broader perspective and pursue my life purposes challenging the people‘s common sense in Latin America, aligned with wester cultures and perspectives.

As a visionary person thinking way far outside the box and closely following all the transformation happening in China, I feel like I can contribute to the mission to show this “new world” to Latin America, bridge our cultures, and strengthen our ties. I’m really excited to represent the GSM'svalues to strive ourselves, pursue excellence and continuous learning; and bring these values to the western part of the world.

I wish to make available to you all the experience I got during my professional career and all the influential and multicultural Network I‘ve built in Brazil and China. I intend to broaden the formal ties of GSM with Latin American institutions to bring more diversity and awaken some new visionary minds to join in a multicultural professional and personal journey of an excelling life construction.

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