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Nationality: Singapore College: The University of Chicago

Chuang Xue Hng

Nationality: Singapore

(Pre) Education: The University of Chicago

(Pre) Employer: Fintech firm in Chicago



I’m Xue Hng, a current MBA student at Guanghua. I graduated from the University of Chicago with a major in Statistics, and worked as a data scientist at a leading Financial Technology company in Chicago before deciding to attend Guanghua. 

So, why Guanghua? Guanghua's community is awesome. Not only are your classmates extremely capable individuals from extraordinary academic and professional backgrounds, they are also really humble and incredibly warm-hearted! Within weeks, I have made many close friends and derive great joy from being around them. From organising activities to doing group projects, we work closely together and help one another along the way without much hesitation. The community is going to be a huge part of your MBA life, and I'm certain that you'll be able to find an amazing community of friends and scholars here at Guanghua! 

Guanghua nurtures responsible business leaders. Most business courses at top business schools really don't differ that much from one another. However, the type of person you'll become upon graduation is what distinguishes Guanghua from others. Guanghua pays special attention to selecting students with a strong sense of social responsibility, and places even more emphasis on educating MBA students on the meaning of business beyond doing business itself. Lessons at Guanghua aren't simply to teach you how to solve problems, but to educate you on how to ask the right questions. 

Guanghua is an amazing launchpad to understand China. Having lasted for several thousand years, the Chinese civilisation is unique. As the business school of Peking University, Guanghua does not lack the cultural and literary expertise on Chinese philosophy, history, and culture, and indeed provides a unique platform to understand China on a deeper level. Guanghua students aren't expected to be scholars of a moment, but to be philosophers of an era, a nation, a civilisation.

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