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Nationality: Spain College: Mondragon Unibertsitatea

Amaia Perea Mintegui

Nationality: Spain 

(Pre) Education: Mondragon Unibertsitatea

(Pre) Employer: Pop Mart


Hi Everyone! My name is Amaia and I am from Spain.

Why are you choosing to study in Guanghua? Why the Global MBA? There is no right answer to this question, and this is why you want to consider Guanghua. The diversity of backgrounds, ways of thinking and approaches of bringing ideas into reality are the norm among local & international students as well as for the professors, educated in China and in the best universities around the globe. Despite the differences, what unites us is our eagerness to see the world through China, the desire to be part of a new generation of leaders and most importantly the motivation to have a positive impact in society. 

As me, you might be choosing to join our MBA to network in China.So far, I can say that my expectations have been more than fulfilled. Even if I lived in China for more than two years now, finally I can say that thanks to this program I am establishing the roots of my professional and personal life in China: I got an internship in Pop Mart thanks to my classmates and the Guanghua network; as an international students vice-president I am involved in a variety of activities; I preside an entrepreneurship club where I explore business opportunities in China with my classmates; I am constantly learning from my classmates in group projects; and on top of all of that, my classmates are constantly challenging me to keep improving my Chinese. 9 months ago I was in the same place you were, “Is Guanghua for me?”. If you want me to help you with the answer: please, let me help you, Guanghua is waiting for you.

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