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Nationality: Panama College: Universidad Central de Venezuela

Beverly Fung Mock

Nationality: Panama 

(Pre) Education: Universidad Central de Venezuela - Law

(Pre) Employer: Orinoco Energy Resources - Family company


I graduated as a lawyer and have work experienced in government entities, NGO management, real estate, and mining in Panama and Venezuela. I came to Beijing two years ago to learn Chinese to prepare myself before applying to the MBA. I am third generation of Chinese overseas in Latin America. I grew up with some Chinese cultural knowledge as my family company was doing business with Chinese companies. Nevertheless, as China keeps changing and developing to do business, I wanted to be prepared to grasp the opportunities and found Guanghua as the best place to learn how to do it. An MBA experience is not only made by the reputation of the business school - which is already top - but, the classmates you will be spending your time with for the next two years. Guanghua makes sure the class is truly diverse and that all classmates come from different backgrounds and countries. Although classes this year have been different and half of our class is still spread worldwide. We all share a common goal; instead of competing, we support each other to reach that goal together.

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