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Nationality: United States College: UCSD, Computer Science, M.Sc. UCLA, Mathematics, B.Sc.

Clifford Champion

Nationality: United States

(Pre) Education: UCLA, Mathematics, B.Sc./ UCSD, Computer Science, M.Sc.

(Pre) Employer: zSpace (USA, China) - Product Director


Hi, my name is Clifford Champion, I've been working in leading technology companies for over a decade, and am a proud Guanghua School of Management Global MBA student. The world is ever changing, and China's rapid rise continues. Whether you are new to China and considering a career here, or already in China and want to deepen your understand of the rest of the world, Guanghua is the perfect place to learn and build relationships that last for your career. 

My background is multi-disciplinary, having held roles in software engineering, product management, content design & development, and R&D. My philosophy is a combination of "never stop learning" and "balance". What makes Guanghua and Peking University a great choice is this same emphasis on balance and diverse knowledge. From business classes, to arts, to computer science, you have access to world-class professors and students. Core courses and electives within Guanghua GMBA itself are well-designed, diverse, and encourage balanced, big-picture decision-making.There is much to talk about Guanghua but with limited space to do so. Happy to help anyone learn more, and guide them in their decision about returning to school, decision about studying in China, and decision to study at the best university in China.

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