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Nationality: China College: Xi’an University of Architecture and Technology



Qu Jiaojiao

Nationality: China

(Pre) Education: Xi’an University of Architecture and Technology

(Pre) Employer: QCGN Nuclear Application Technology. Co., Ltd


Hi, everyone, I’m Qu Jiaojiao, who have a double degree in international economics and trade and engineering management majors during my underground study. I work as a senior investment manager in China Development Bank New Energy Technology Co., Ltd.

Guanghua School of Management of Peking University, which as the top business school in China, its spirit of inclusiveness, open culture and international training which are direct coincide with my learning objectives. Because of my passion for outdoor sports and amateur activities, I have won a national first-class athlete, a national master athlete and a world Guinness record, which is the same as the sports spirit of PSM outdoor quality, and the excellent students and teachers who come into contact with various activities and project learning during the school period, the enthusiasm, vitality and high-spirited spirit of Guanghua people affirm my original choice! Guanghua Spirit will be your best choice to settle your mind, improve your logical framework, and enhance your international, industrial and professional vision, you deserve it!

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