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Nationality: Korea College: Sungkyukwan University


Lee Suhwan

Nationality: Korea 

(Pre) Education: Sungkyukwan University

(Pre) Employer: LG Corporation


Hello, everyone. I'm Lee Suhwan from Korea. Before joining Guanghua, I mainly did financial planning, strategic planning, and M&A for 14 years at LG.

Personally, MBA for me is a link to look back on your career and go forward to the next step. It was the best choice for me to spend that time in Guanghua.

I've always watched China's epic growth while establishing and analyzing strategies in LG. Naturally, my interest in China has deepened and deepened. Now, I ended up joining Guanghua and I am having a richer and unforgettable experience than I expected. We learn from our classmates with different backgrounds and the insights of the best faculty. In addition, you can communicate a lot with business leaders through a huge network connected around Guanghua.

If you want to broaden your career horizon, choose Guanghua. I do not doubt that Guanghua will help you achieve your dreams and visions. If you have any questions, please feel free to contact the student ambassadors.

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