Hoping to maximize my experience as a global business leader, I considered the double degree program offered by Guanghua School of Management (GSM) as a way to embrace this once-in-a-lifetime opportunity of adapting and exploring different transitions in my life. As Asia is reclaiming its place on the international stage, it is a surreal experience to study at National University of Singapore (NUS). Understanding the ethos, values and methods of businesses in the world’s fastest-growing region serves as a springboard towards professional success.

2020 will be an unforgettable year, with the pandemic’s effect being felt worldwide. Fortunately, as Singapore moved into Phase Two of re-opening its city, I was able to embark on my double degree journey on-site. It was truly a unique way of starting my experience in Singapore with a 14-day quarantine welcoming me into this city-state. I also had to secure off-campus accommodation as the school stopped providing dormitories for incoming students. 

Despite these unprecedented challenges, my passion for studying abroad never faded away. Attending face-to-face classes is what I have been dreaming of, especially in this unusual year, which has seen many changes in the way we learn because of COVID-19.

NUS business school conducted its lessons this year through a hybrid teaching method, having a mix of both on-site and off-site students. Thankfully, the school ensured that all coursework in Semester 1 was available online. Due to social distancing constraints, all courses that were taught face-to-face followed the rules to the maximum extent possible. Students are required to wear masks, stick to restricted activity zones, come to campus only when permitted, and regularly make health declarations. The business school was one of the very few NUS units to do substantive activities face-to-face, and through these procedures, we were able to keep the local spread within the community to zero. With all the commitments to stay safe and current situations under control, we expect to progress to full face-to-face classes in mid-term of Semester 2.


The courses are very intensive, making my MBA life in the second year at NUS as hustling as in the first year at GSM. The curriculum modules enabled me to communicate with talented students all over the world. They brought different areas of expertise to the table, creating a vibrant, high-energy team environment where I could learn from one another. This global immersion further allowed me to focus on keeping track with cutting-edge industry insights with a strong Asia focus.

Studying in Singapore, an Asian country with a Western mentality, placed me far outside of my comfort zone, pushing me to be more open-minded and learn about different cultures. As culture plays a part in shaping who we are as people, it is essential to develop these vital perspectives in the increasingly globalized world. As a foreigner, I could learn to rediscover my self-identity, put myself into others’ shoes, and think outside the box.

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