The 2019 "Alumni Mentor Program" of Peking University Guanghua MBA was officially launched in November. Entering its 13th year, the "Alumni Mentor Program" builds a platform to connect current MBA students with outstanding alumni from different fields, by means of sharing their industry insights, career experience and professional resources, to stimulate the growth of students and inspire their career development. Till now, there has been over 300 outstanding alumni participating in the program, and more than 5,200 MBA, MPAcc and MSEM students invloved.

Mr. Zhao Longkai made a speech for this activity. He pointed out that 2019 is the 25th anniversary of the MBA program, which hasgrown into the best MBA program in China over the past quarter-century.This is not only because of the continuous efforts of Guanghua MBA professors and staff, but also a result of the dedicated support and contribution from more than 10,000 alumni. Tocreate management knowledge, cultivate business leaders and advance social progress is an unshakeable committement that we share. In Guanghua's25th anniversary, the "Alumni Mentor Program" represents the unique strength and tradition of Guanghua MBA will continue to shine with the passing of Guanghua spirit.

Professor Zhao Longkai, Director of MBA/MSEM/MPAcc program, Professor of Finance

Mentor: Li Chuangang

Vice President @iFlytek

EMBA Alumni

Under the arrangement of Mr. Li Chuangang, the students visited iFlytek's headquarters in Beijing and started their magical journey in a world of AI.With detailed explanation from ther staff, the students had a detailed understanding of the new application of artificial intelligence in intelligent office, intelligent education, intelligent medical treatment and other fields."The definition of a good product is to address the core needs of the user."

Mentor: Hu Jun

Partner & COO @Lingban Technology

1997 MBA Alumni

The participants of Mr.Hu's team are from diverse industries including Chips, Hardware, Internet, etc., and engaging in different postions such astechnical management, marketing, sales and project management. With Mr.Hu's rich management experience andkeen strategic judgment in enterprise software, information security, cloud computing, big data and artificial intelligence, he shareshis vision for the future technology development, and points out that Industrial Internet will be the development direction of many industries in the future, and the scarce talents will be the compound talents with both industry background and understanding of Internet operation.

Mentor: MA Zhantian

Founder @XinYi Capital

2014 MBA Alumni

Mr.Ma held the first team activity focusing onSuccessful Investment Case Study in Consumer Goods Industry. Being the founder of Xinyi Capital and a successful invester himself, Mr.Ma gave insights on cosumption, entrepreneurship and digital marketing, especially giving suggestions to the students who are starting their own business.

Numerous other Alumni Mentor activities are going on with practices ranging from internet companies to consulting industry, by all means to benefit the students on their way to future business leaders. As the alumni mentor representative Mr. Ge Xiaosong, CEO of GIO Holding Group once said:

"Being a mentor means more of being a friend, so that to ensure equal relationship and effective communication. During several years being a mentor, I always prioritized my time to meet the students, I gained not only friends, but also excellent talents for my company."

Mr. Ge Xiaosong, Co-foudner & CEO of GIO Holding Group

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