The 14th. Alumni Mentor Program of Peking University Guanghua MBA was launched in November. Started in 2006, the program has been acting as a good platform to connect current MBA students with outstanding alumni from different fields. It provides opportunities for alumni to share their industry insights, career experience and professional resources with current students. Till now, there have been over 300 outstanding alumni participating in the program, and more than 5,500 MBA students involved.

The Director of PKU Guanghua MBA program, Professor Longkai Zhao made a speech for this activity. He pointed out that 2020 is a special year. Despite all the changes, it’s necessary for us to continue holding this program.

 Director of MBA program, Professor of Finance Longkai Zhao

In his speech, he thanked all the alumni mentors for contributing to the development of Guanghua, together with the current students, faculty and staff, and devoting their time to provide current students guidance and advice. Besides, Professor Zhao shared some of the school’s progress, such as celebrating the 35th. anniversary of founding of Guanghua School of Management in form of 35-day live streaming, printing 2020 graduates’ names on Beijing News to celebrate their graduation, holding online and offline lectures during the special time, taking advantage of new technologies to help students with their study, and using more scientific and stricter method to evaluate Class of 2021 students.

Mr. Songling Yu, 2002 Guanghua alumni

2002 Guanghua alumni, the Founder and Chairman of Oriental Cambridge Education Group Mr. Song ling Yu also gave his speech on behalf of alumni mentors.

According to Mr. Yu, having a successful career is helpful for being a good mentor. Since students will believe in the mentors and respect them, enjoy their lectures and be proud of the mentors. What’s more, it’s important that mentors create case studies based on their experience and share them with students. In this way, students can sharpen their practical skills. Moreover, mentors should be students’ friends. They should care about students’ study and life.

Finally, certificates were awarded to alumni mentors by Director of MBA program, Professor of Finance Longkai Zhao; Executive Director of the MBA Program, Associate Professor of Organization ad Strategic Management Yanlong Zhang; Director for Career Development Center, Executive Director for MBA program Dongxia Wang and Executive Director of the International MBA program, Associate Professor of Organization ad Strategic Management Jack Ting-ju Chiang.

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