The Guanghua MBA strikes a balance between providing the highest quality management education and introducing the cultural sensibilities and related approaches necessary for career development in the Asia-Pacific business landscape. What are Guanghua MBA courses like? Two of our students gave their answers.


Elective course: Managing Multinational Corporations in China, taught by Professor Paul Gillis.

"Managing Multinational Corporations in China" class is always really inspiring. Paul Gillis brilliantly made us feel like we are in a boardroom, where tough and strategic decisions must be taken and suddenly you are given the word. The way you behave at that particular moment directly influences others' perspective over your capacity to lead and handle difficult problems. What is the worst thing to do? Not saying anything, getting stuck, stuttering continuously show that you are not in control of the situation or you cannot handle the problemproperly.

The analogy he did was when a deer is struck by a car's headlights beam in the middle of the road, their eyes are fully dilated, capturing as much light as possible and they cannot see anything until the car finally crashes them. This is what can happen with professionals in the meeting rooms, being run over because of the lack of operation. But fortunately, we got some good strategies to handle and learn how to deal with this relatively common situation in the board or top management positions."

-By Rafael Rezende Macedo (哈法)

"This is one of my favorite electives in the MBA so far. Case study oriented, it gives me the chance to interact with my classmates and to learn directly from our professor's academic and professional experiences. Well, he is certainly more than a professor, an icon in Guanghua and more like a rockstar for some of us. He can elaborate any topic: from why orange-looking sand storms are formed in China, to Dunkin Donut's original recipe, to how to successfully expand a restaurant business in China.

Yesterday I was "cold-called" to do a role playing with my "always-ready-to-cold-call" classmate Hasan Basri Yagmur. I had to play the role of the new CEO and he played the role of the China area director, based on the HBR case "Levendary Cafe". Cold-calls are hard, but totally worth to survive in the board room or in the business world in the future."

-By Amaia Perea Mintegui

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