29th August is a special day for all 73 candidates of the Guanghua School of Management 2020 Global MBA (20G for short). It’s 20G’s one-year anniversary! On this very day one year ago, fate brought us together in spite of the volatility and uncertainty stricken post-COVID-19 world. The unlikely cohort from all walks of life and diverse background from around the world, facilitated by the online-offline hybrid pedagogy, were thus gathered to embark on this epic journey together.


At this midpoint milestone of our MBA Journey, we have each further explored our own uniqueness and future goals. We’ve stride towards our individual goals in a bold but well-grounded manner, thanks to the valuable resources and leverage provided by PKU and the GSM MBA Program. As a class, 20G has been conquering challenges while facing the VUCA situation. Sharing joy and laughter in treasured moments, and being the steadfast support for each other in the hours of need. Deep down, we draw power from knowing and living the spirit of “You’ve Got Us”.

“You’ve Got Us” is the title of 20G’s own class song, created by talented musicians, lyricists and rapper from the class. On this special day, 20G is presenting you the commemorative edition of class song music video.

The video is a masterpiece corroborated by 20G stars across different borders and time-zones. Our video footages came from almost every single continent (sans Antarctica)! Our representatives from each of the six continents and China will now share on lyric that they most resonated with. We are keeping the resonation in mind and bringing it to our coming journey!


Hello from Sydney, Australia! My name is Talat Dormanli and I'm excited to meet you all. I have 4 years previous experience in Australian financial markets and 5 years experience in residential construction, where I am currently the director of my own firm.


    “No matter who you are”

This song immediately had me captivated from the introduction. The first line "No matter who you are" really resonated with me because before joining this MBA program, I felt that your hard work wouldn't be accepted if you didn't have the typical cookie-cutter resume. However, I have come to realize that is not the case! We are surrounded by very open-minded and diverse set of people, who tirelessly try to help each other in any way they can.

--Asia (outside of China) --

I’m Xinyi from Singapore. I’m a Chartered Accountant and I have 6 years of work experience in the audit and accounting industry. Outside of school and work, I love doing outdoor activities and exercising, as well as teaching yoga, because I believe that health is the greatest wealth!


   5E8 “No matter how you used to be”

For many of us who have worked a few years, going back to school is like a fresh start – new environment, new friends and new lifestyle. It might seem scary at first, but what’s comforting is that we’re going through this as a class, and we get to learn and grow together. No matter how we used to be, from now on, there will always be this group of 20G classmates who can motivate us, cheer us on, and help us work towards our goals.


Hi everyone, my name is Kristofine Ekandjo, and I am from Namibia. My background is in fashion modelling and mining. My greatest achievement to date, has been working on establishing an African based e-commerce platform.


  5E8 No matter how winding the road is

The reason why this line resonates well with me is because, it is rare or rather close to impossible to have everything go perfectly in one’s life. We have all come across obstacles that we needed to overcome to get back on track, the key is to never give up and keep persevering until you reach the end goal. This is similar to the African Proverb “No matter how winding the road might be, it will always lead you to your destination.”

--Europe --

Hello! My name is Chris McElvogue and I come from Birmingham, England. After finishing my undergraduate studies, I spent the following 5 years working in the Financial Services industry. In 2018, I left the Financial Services industry to co-found a blockchain start-up.  I love languages and apart from English, I am fluent in Spanish and Mandarin Chinese.


  5E8 “We are bound to be unique…We are bound to be unbreakable”

I think that each and every individual in our cohort contributes something very unique to the overall experience at Guanghua. We all have unique skills and experiences and when we put our minds together, we can produce something excellent.

As a class, we have had to overcome great adversity this year. Covid-19 has turned the whole world upside down and has forced us all to adapt to a new normal. Coming out of this pandemic with all the lessons we have learnt, I feel that we can really think of ourselves as unbreakable. We are stronger now to face the challenges in our futures.

        --North America --

This is Janet Li from the Guanghua MBA 20G Class. I am a Beijing-born Chinese-Canadian, currently living in Toronto, Canada. With a passion for food, I was a lead in an entrepreneur project, establishing chain cafes in Toronto. To satisfy my dream to travel the world, I also worked in the airline and management consulting industries and have visited close to 20 countries.


  5E8 也许你将会感到彷徨,追逐梦想的路途上今天我们即将启航,乘风破浪

Since early 2020, the global pandemic has affected way too many people’s lives. A lot has changed and cannot be restored. Specifically, a number of us could not enter the border to fully immerse in the PKU campus and explore the opportunities in China. It began with hope but soon became hopeless. Feelings of loss and anxiety quickly poured in. But once the semester began, a new source of light was shone. The 20G connections over coffee chats, group works, and endless self-organized encounters formed new bonds, friendships, and a sense of belonging. Dreams reignited and new ideas sparked. Yes, it is normal to have ups and downs in life, but as long as we keep our spirits high, we will break through. Together, we will break through.

--South America --

Hi I’m Beverly Fung Mock. Third generation of Chinese overseas in Panama, Venezuela, and the US. Graduated as a lawyer with work experience in the public and private sector as a corporate lawyer and project manager. Started an NGO to help people without housing to have access to essential services.


  5E8 少年应当无畏;别等待,现在追

Our MBA journey has been completely different from what we expected when we signed up. There had been many changes that this pandemic pushed us to make, especially in the way we study and engage with each other.

When it came time to organizing the PitchClub, we thought about waiting for an offline space once we were back in China. Nonetheless, after thinking about it and listening to the class song, we felt encouraged to do it because the time is now, don’t wait to pursue your dreams and plans! Our peers and the program have positively received our online gatherings, so we are glad we took the leap to the unknown.

--Asia (China) --

Hi I’m Xiqing Deng from PKU Campus! I’m a native Chinese with living and working experiences across China and Europe. I was working as marketing manager in a global consumer goods giant before enrolled in GSM Global MBA Program. In 2019, I attended OneYoungWorld Summit in London as a recognized young leader in my company. It widened my horizon a lot, and I’m experiencing the same here in PKU!


  5E8 我们生来勇敢,总敢彰显独特;我们就是闪电,带着十万伏特

Our class’s slogan is “Stay Bold, Stay Unique” and 20G’s nickname is “lightning class”. That’s why I was so into the rap lyrics above, which precisely embodied 20G’s core spirit. Additionally, the rap format expresses the attitude in such a perfect way. I’m totally addicted to it!

Each 20G fellow has his/her own uniqueness in personality, background, and future goals. The beauty is that we all are open to recognizing it, expressing it and then embracing it. We are sharp as lightning in our own fields. Meanwhile, we know we are more powerful in the company of all 20G fellows. We are lifelong friends. This priceless friendship is the timeless treasure we received from PKU. I will never regret my decision in enrolling in this program!

Author: Xiqing Deng, Jeremy Yeung Chi Ho

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