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The Integrated Practicum Program (IPP), a three-credit required course aiming to help students apply what they have learned to practice, was launched by Guanghua School of Management for full-time MBA students at the end of February this year. Since then, students have taken consulting and training classes, been grouped, and prepared for biding, and at the end of March, each group officially entered into the investigation stage after pairing up successfully with cooperates. Students from different industry backgrounds, with the same professionalism and immense zeal, dedicated themselves into IPP program under the professional guidance of lead professors. After a series of activities such as negotiation and discussion, online and offline investigation, case study, data analysis, the students completed tasks in the first stage and moved on to the implementation stage to provide practical solutions to cooperate issues.

IPP 2022 小罐茶 Xiao Guan Cha

The “Xiao Guan Cha” integrated practicum program, which took real organization issues occurred during businesses’ diversified development as the starting point, offered us a golden opportunity to put theories into practice. Our team members debated and conducted related investigations on topics including how to assist enterprises in achieving diversified development from a single development mode, how to maintain the organization’s vigor, and for management, how to overcome inertia and continue to make breakthroughs to respond to businesses’ rapid development and deliver strategic reform in the company.

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With the active cooperation from the cooperate side, the careful guidance of our lead professor Liu Zhi, the elaborate organization of the teacher in charge of the project, and the concerted promotion of all team members, we made great efforts towards a common goal, discussed the development issues faced by Xiao Guan Cha in depth, and came up with suggestions and solutions to assist the company in taking a leap forward. Based on complementary skills and mutual help, our team members from different backgrounds gained friendship, growth, experience and diversified development and used what they have learned to cope with barriers and cognitive bottlenecks in the process of problem solving. As a saying goes “Do not know how high the sky is until one climbs up the tops of mountains, and do not know how thick the earth is until one comes to the deep river.” Having realized that cognition is borderless and can be expanded infinitely, we will strive to confront difficulties in the future, look at things deeply, blaze new trails, strengthen practical skills, and continue to help enterprises achieve steady outcomes in the new era.

IPP 2022 腾讯云 Tencent Cloud

The case library project conducted by Guanghua and Tencent Cloud aims to investigate the case library used for publicizing Tencent Cloud’s Smart City products and solutions, thus improving the readability of the cases to relevant departments and the relevance between the cases and provisions concerning Smart City. At present, Tencent Cloud-based products and their promotion cases, including Smart City products and solutions, are all provided from the perspective of Internet users. However, customers from various industries were not always familiar with words and expressions used in the Internet industry, and the dimensions selected for case publicity did not match the dimension of government’s attention quite well. Our integrated practicum program expected to discern the real demands varying with industries and seek favorable angels for promotion, thus optimizing the currently-used case template and accordingly helping the business teams to perfect benchmark cases.


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Under the guidance of Professor Qiu Lingyun, we were lucky to be invited to headquarters of Tencent in Beijing. The Tencent Cloud team spent nearly two hours demonstrating Tencent Smart City’s current structure, technical advantages, and multiple practical cases related to Smart City products and solutions, greatly broadening our horizon, and helping us deeply understand the large scale and complexity of a system engineering project. We were all excited to play a role in the integrated practicum program and have a chance to approach a product with significant social influence. Now, we are conducting a competitive product analysis and studying on the industry policies to further improve the case template. Preliminary outcomes are expected to show up in early May.

IPP 2022 中超联赛 Chinese Football Association Super League

Chinese Football Association Super League (CSL) is the highest-level professional football league, attracting a lot of attention from football fans throughout the world. After a detailed introduction from the company, we learned how CSL operates and the opportunities and challenges facing CSL. The Generation Z bears unique preference and consumption demand in the sports field. As for how to promote such time-consuming traditional sports events as football can be challenging.


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With deep love for sports, especially football, our team members discussed with CSL teams for many times on the status quo of CSL and China’s current youth sports market. After discussions and investigations over a month, we put forward a preliminary plan and assumption, which were highly appreciated by CSL and Professor Wang Chong, and they offered us some useful advice. In the follow-up study, bearing CSL’s suggestions in mind, we would attach importance to several lines such as comparing to other types of big-league events, the ecological construction of events, new media communication and digital image planning. We are confident that with the concerted efforts from all sides, we will definitely draw an effective solution for CSL to build a new ecosphere among young people, boost the brand, and spread and pass on the football culture.

                  IPP 2022完美世界控股集团 Perfect World

We embarked on our IPP journey back in March 2022, and our aim was to land a client within our main field of interest. We believe that the role of business in China in today’s modern age is diverse and ever-changing, hence, it was important for us to work on a project and a client that would allow us to hone our Research & Development skills and venture into new or trending industries in the market.

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Through IPP, working with Perfect World has provided this unique study experience that allows us to experiment both our business background and academic knowledge. Our first meeting with Perfect World, where our team had a full tour of the headquarter in Beijing. We were presented the different business activities and operations that took place in the office. Following this, we had our first meeting with the client where we were shared further information and insider facts about the company. Since then, our team has had weekly meetings to discuss ongoing progress and the IPP team has been providing us support along the way. Perhaps the key highlight of our IPP program was beyond the learning experience and has been the long term friendships that we were able to form along the way. As a group we feel lucky that we each have five friends to learn and lean on.

Other parterned organizations include:

United Family Healthcare



Yunnan Botanee Bio-Technology Group Co. Ltd.

Sichuan Rural Development Group Co., Ltd

Dream Technology

To be continued...

 Integrated Practicum Program Launched by Guanghua MBA

Integrated Practicum Program, as a required course for full-time MBA students at Guanghua School of Management, is a business-education cooperation program. As a social public welfare program, it aims to solve problems faced by enterprises and improve students’ management and practical abilities by leveraging the cooperation platforms jointly built by enterprises and Guanghua. As an experiential curriculum, our student teams, under the guidance of professors, go deep into enterprises and participate in specific business projects. Through rigorous investigation and research, they give full play to their respective advantages and put forward improvement suggestions and solutions, and finally submit consulting reports to enterprises. All projects concern real issues encountered by enterprises in operation and are aimed at improving students’ practical ability and solving existing business problems in enterprises.

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