Didi Chuxing, China's biggest ride-hailing company, is beating Uber across the globe - mostly at the expense of Uber's global ambitions.

In mid-2016, for example, Uber was the global champion of ride-sharing. In contrast, Didi Chuxing was little known outside of China and was fighting Uber for its home market.

Today, with Uber's internal problems and regulatory conflicts, it has caused them huge losses financially ($5B losses in 2017), and they are retreating from international markets as a result. In contrast, Didi has both consolidated its home market and taking foreign market after market, mostly by partnership.

Guanghua Professor Jeffrey Towson, ranked the number 1 writer in LinkedIn Top Voice 2017 in Finance, argues that Didi has bigger scale, superior management and a better international strategy compared to Uber. More importantly, should Uber merge with Didi, this will enable both companies to work towards solving their common problem, self-driving cars. "My prediction is that we are going to see increasing pressure on Uber to merge or partner with an increasingly dominant Didi.

Read Prof Towson'sfull article here to understand why the merger or partnership between Uber and Didi is becoming increasingly inevitable.

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